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  1. here's the link of the aliexpress where you can buy it! if it says "Page error", just look at the AliExpress site then search tamagotchi or tamagochi ( )
  2. Hey guuuuys!!! Look at this chinese colored tama XD (credits to a friend from Tamagotchi Ancestor Kirsty) It'ssssss very unique though just check it out here's a link : that's all folks! Have an awesome day/night!!!!
  3. 11 years ago (I'm 6 y/o), I don't know what tama is but I'm hoping for a unique toy and I found that when I got my 1st local tama when I was 10 y/o hahaha! but I lost it, until now I'm still hooked up with tamas, so I'm starting to collect now even if my mom and friends say that I'm childish and tamas are for kids only
  4. Hello TamaTalk! ^-^ I'm planning to get an English Version of IdL because it is available in our local Toy store, so my Tama P's have companion , but I'm worried that the downloads in tamagotchi Id L Japanese version may not be compatible with the English version , should I continue to purchase the english ver. or look for japanese ver. on ebay ? Thanks