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  1. The first death, surprisingly enough, was the morino. I was certain it would be the ocean. I had work from 8-1 Friday, so I brought my ocean, ON, 20th mini, and the remake in my lunch box. When I got home the morino was dead and every other tama had no hearts (except for the 5.5 which had one happy heart for some reason?) and was sick. I tended to them all and checked on them every few minutes while doing chores. In the evening they began evolving into teens. All of them except, again, the 5.5. The Chees family must just have a slow clock. I didn't have work til 3 Saturday, so I didn't set an alarm. I woke up at 10 and ran to go check on them, once again assuming the ocean would be dead. Nope! I don't think my last ocean run lasted this long and I was certainly taking better care of it. Tended to them all. Realized that I was to the point on the V6 that I need to buy food and couldn't keep feeding it the baby foods. I left for work at 2:30, bringing the ocean, ON and the 20th with me. During my dinner break at 6 I saw my On had evolved into Loveletchi due to all the pancakes I fed her, and the ocean had evolved into... Otototchi?!?! The good care teen?! I got home at 9 and was sort of expecting all of them but the Go and the two Dream Towns to be dead. Again: all good! Most of them were asleep, evolved into their adult stages (excluding the Chees family, of course), sick, and in desperate need of their rooms being swept. I took care of the few that were still up, and I plan on getting up at 8 tomorrow to make sure to give them care as soon as they wake up.
  2. The madness has begun. There was a slight change in the roster. I got my akai in the mail today so I decided to swap it with my P's. I started them all up between 4:10 and 4:30. I set the clocks on the vintages first, knowing they would take 5 minutes to hatch and hoping that would be enough time to start up all the connections (hint: it was not). I forgot that you have to set your birthday/name and that took a while, especially on the mix since the menu with the English letters is the TWENTY-THIRD option and you have to scroll down to it for each letter. And then I couldn't NOT name the akai (Wys) and the oden-kun (Syd), so I spent a while scrolling in the Japanese characters to look for some that vaguely resemble English letters. The other ones that ended up names are the V1 (Diz), V2 (Glob), V3 (Bub), V6 (Aux), and the V5.5 is the Cheesy family. I didn't realize there weren't enough spaces so it's actually 'Chees', but oh well. Then all 6 vintages hatched in a two minute window. They would not be satisfied. I'd look away for twenty seconds to set the clocks on the remaining connections and one would beep at me. I am running an angel and a morino. I have never run either before. After whet felt like an hour they finally started evolving. I was surprised the ocean survived! It's been much easier now with the toddlers. Their hearts aren't dropping as fast, so they aren't hitting empty and calling while I'm feeding others. The last three attention calls have been the dream towns and the tama go wanting to take showers. I'm about to make sure they are all at full hearts then make dinner.
  3. I'm really digging that yellow color because... cheese. Whatever switch I end up getting will pretty much be an Animal Crossing machine, so no real need to hook it up to the TV. The only reason I'd want to take the controllers off would be because I have chronic pain and keeping my arms still makes it worse. Well, I still have months to decide.
  4. Has anyone ordered the screwdriver for sale on japanyouwant? Did it work well with your vintages?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cheesy-tchi


      I'm hearing some people say a size #0 JIS screwdriver and others say a size #1. So far I haven't been able to find a kit that contains both.

    3. Eggiweg


      If you have a Daiso in the US, they sell screwdriver kits with JIS #0 and #1.

    4. cheesy-tchi


      The closest one to me is about 13 hours away. I was just near one last year on vacation, too. :angry:

  5. You read that title right: one Cheesy running twenty tamas at once. No pausing. I've already spent money on batteries, so it's too late to back down. Here's what I've got: P2, Angel, Ocean, Osu & Mesu, Morino, Ocean, V1, V2, V3, Oden-kun, V5.5, V6, Tama Go, P's, Dream Town x 2, Mix, 20th anniversary Mini, whatever you call those original remakes, and an ON. If that doesn't add up to twenty then I typed something wrong. I'll be starting in the baby stage whether that means resuming from where I left off or resetting the tamagotchi. I've already resigned myself to the fact that the Ocean will be dead within an hour, but hey. Some of these will be extra fun since I haven't played with them before. I'm trying to figure out my set up/transportation method. I'm certainly going to be putting these in my work locker. My batteries should arrive on the second, then I just have to figure out when I'm off work.
  6. My replacement ON should be arriving tomorrow and it will be the 20th tama in my collection. "Wow, Cheesy! What an achievement!" you say? You're right. That's why I'll be putting batteries in ALL my tamas.

    1. kayori101


      ...i wish you luck in your endeavors 😳

  7. :o My pre-ordered TMGC ON was scheduled to arrive today, but the UPS driver dropped off an empty bubble envelope.

    1. raichuu


      wai t, whaaaat ---- omggg 😭

    2. Kurb


      the first part, same. second omg

  8. The Tama Go is my least favorite. The shell is bulky by itself, but adding the figure on top of it? It was so difficult to fit in my pocket and I imagine women's pockets would be impossible to fit it in.
  9. I think it would be fun for those of us pre-ordering the Tamagotchi On to get to experience this new tama together! According to Amazon they will be released August 15th. I am not sure if that means they will be shipped and arrive at peoples homes on the 15th, or they are being shipped out on the 15th. Depending on which that is we could hatch on the 17th (the Saturday after release) or the 24th (the Saturday after that to give the tamas time to ship). Please comment if you're interested in joining!
  10. I'd like to participate, too! June 12th works for me, and I will either hatch an angel or a morino.
  11. Running an Ocean for the first time and so far it's easier than I expected it to be.

    1. psychotama


      Good luck! some eggs are just destined to die before adulthood...that's what makes it so frustrating :(

    2. Rorys_Tamas


      may the odds be ever in your favour!

  12. I started up my Oden-kun for the very first time just after lunch. Instead of the traditional egg, I was presented with... ... A bowl! Five minutes later out of that bowl popped a baby boy, or 'Konnyakutchi'. Because this is a tama based on a Japanese cartoon that takes place at the bottom of a bowl of ramen I named this little guy Noodle. I stuck to the second game option, poring sauce or soup onto something, to get Noodle's happiness up. He pooped some, ate some, got sick once, and took a nap. Shortly after his nap he evolved to the child stage 'Mitoboyatchi' which, according to tama wiki is the Japanese pronunciation of the English words 'Meat Boy'. Will update when Mr. Noodles the Meatboytchi evolves.
  13. I do have some American connections, I just wanted to know if you count the Japanese Oden-kun as a connection since it has an IR thingy at the top.
  14. Just wanted to let you all know that as of last week a shop in Harajuku called 'Mandarake' had a bin of new and lightly used vintages for decent prices. They have other locations in Japan, too, if any of you are going. A used store called BOOKOFF also had some used tamas in ok condition (I saw a Home Deka in one!!!).