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    Trying to look after multiple tamagotchis, and playing Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, etc.

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    Tamago(Pink), Tamagotchi 4U (white), iD L (English, pink), iD L Princess Spacy Version, Tamagotchi P's (pink), Tamagotchi Connection V3 (pink ribbon), Tamagotchi P2 (red, white, and green), Tamagotchi Friends (pink), Tamagotchi Friends (black with white polka dots and a pink bow), Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town (pink one with lace and stars), Tamagotchi 4U+ (Pink)
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    Tamagotchi P's
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    Pretty much all of them!

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  1. I would definitely recommend buying from them! They're super fast with their shipping and always include little goodies like stickers or tissues all tamagotchi related/themed. If you're a repeat customer they'll sometimes send a coupon with your items, so that was really nice. Overall I'm super happy with them and would most certainly buy from them again.
  2. Growing up my mom was super big on eBay, specifically those lots of random items thrown together for a cheap price. So it was around 2003 I want to say, my mom bought this lot of tamagotchis, most of which were P2 if I remember correctly, and hung on to most of them to give them as gifts but let me have one. I was awful at parenting the poor thing, and I was too young to even know how to set the time so it would cry at like 2 AM every night!! I kind of lost interest until 2006 I believe when that pink Tamagotchi Connection V3 with the bows was released and being the girly girl I was I knew I had to have it. This time I was a bit better at taking care of it, though it still died countless times and like most toys I kind of moved onto something else eventually. Fast forward to 2014 and I happened to see a tamagotchi a friend of mine reblogged on Tumblr, which I now know was a Tamagotchi P's, and I fell in love immediately. It brought back so many memories from my childhood and I was so excited to see they were still making them! So now I have a pretty large collection, including that P2 and Connection from my childhood that I found while cleaning. I've loved reading all these stories, thanks for making a wonderful topic!