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  1. FedEx is good in my area. USPS never bothers to ring my doorbell here so I avoid EMS even at warmer times of year...

  2. It's a lot easier to take care of than other models; the focus here is more on m!xing, creating new characters. The Melody and Spacy versions bring plenty of fun inheritable traits to the m!x. The m!x in general has a bunch of cute dialogue and games to play. The 20th Anniversary release has homages to past releases (red-themed Makkakka Town for the Kietai Akai, and blue-themed Uratamatown for the Uratama) as well as royal characters to m!x with if you like them
  3. Meh, bought two 20th Anniversary and a Melody m!x. I'll let you guys know if it can be done individually, and if not, the most streamlined process to unlocking all locations on both <3
  4. Can someone verify that it's possible to get the horn needed to unlock Gozaru Village by winning the swim race at Makkakka town, without connecting to another m!x?
  5. Can someone verify that getting the horn on the anni m!x is possible without another m!x?

    1. Kobodebitchi


      It is - I obtained it from the Makkakka Town racing game.

  6. bought the white depa nano

  7. Dropping the DP quickly tip: feed tons of chocolate; it'll occasionally refuse it Love this log! Pleasure to read
  8. Devilgotchi 2.8 Gonna try raising well up to Debirudori and then keeping it asleep and ignored to raise DP. I want King Deviltchi
  9. I'd enjoy the screen name "pupper" c:

  10. Devilgotchi 2.5 Decided to run my Devil instead of my new Morino with vines. I don't really care if the case is going to rub off just a bit more of the wings; I just want to enjoy this Tamagotchi freely and for years to come Reset after deciding not to run the Morino and wound up with Debirutchi.
  11. Those are a great three to have with you! Excited to follow your log as it goes on
  12. I put up my new log :)