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  1. Have anyone tried to connect the Tamagotchi 4U with the Samsung Galaxy S4?

  2. Tamagotchi 4U is awesome! This is a guide of how to get skill points: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/190666-tamagotchi-4u-guide-to-getting-skills/ Also, here in Tamatalk there is a translation of the 4U and in Tamagotchi Tips and Tricks there is more information about the 4U.
  3. I didn't get any gifts for Christmas and I haven't got anything in a while...
  4. Does anyone know where I can download the apk of the Tamagotchi 4U app?

  5. I feel like I am the only one using a Tamagotchi in my country.

  6. Need help with my 4U...

    1. ichiro.malfoy


      Post a Help topic?


  8. Just ordered a Tamagotchi 4U *-*

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    2. *Hayden*


      Oriana you order then they send the full price by email with shipping and paypal fees

    3. OrianaC


      Ch-ch-check your messages.

    4. Flare.exe


      Lol, I was just kidding. I'm sure they'll keep stocking up for a little while.

  9. Bad news, I emailed hlj and they said that the 4U is Discontinued and no longer available for them :(

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    2. *Hayden*
    3. OrianaC


      Yes, but it is expensive on eBay.

    4. SailorRosette


      Standard Idk... They don't even have the images up...

  10. Can we expect that the 4U will be available on sites like hlj later this week?

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    2. Tama-Star_Girl


      OrianaC: If you really want to know, emailing them is the best choice. They have very nice customer service. http://www.hlj.com/helpcenter/contact.html

    3. OrianaC


      Hahaha, lest hope that they will have 4U later this week, or maybe Rakuten will have them.

    4. OrianaC
  11. Where can I buy a 4U?

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    2. 2pVaporeon


      just check ebay frequently, they might be more expensive though. o:

    3. jennyxxfasho


      You can buy it on Japantrendshop.com (I think)! Link- http://www.japantrendshop.com/tamagotchi-4u-p-2450.html

    4. OrianaC


      They are really expensive D:

  12. So in HLJ the 4U costs 55$ and on ebay it costs 95$ ._.

  13. It seems like HLJ is out of 4U.

  14. My ugly tama just got married with a Mametchi!!

    1. Nazotchi25


      What character did you have?