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  1. I promise this isn’t some CreepyPasta. 

    It’s like 2:30 AM right now and in my Tama drawer, I kept hearing this strange beeping noise. After a while I got annoyed with it so went through to see if any of tamas were making the sound. I’m only running two at the moment and both of them weren’t making the beeping noise. 

    I listened carefully and figured out the noise was coming from my 1996 Tama. I picked in up and this Tama, (which I haven’t touched in two years), suddenly sprung to life for about two seconds before the battery died again. 

    Its still beeping. I’m sure it’s just technical and my Tama isn’t haunted. Has anyone else ever had this problem. 

    1. OldSchoolVPQ


      Whoa, creepy!

      Reminds me of back in high school when I would stay up too late (around 2-3 AM), I'd hear an eerie digital melody drone on for about 10-20 seconds coming from somewhere in my closet.

      It haunted me for ages until I finally cleaned out my closet after college and discovered a Pokémon Pikachu 2 on its last legs that, for some reason, had its custom alarm set for really late at the batteries ran lower, the melody got  slower and deeper, just like the weird beeping you heard from your old Tama! 

      I will spare you the horror story that resulted from my classic Furby's low battery from back in the day. 

    2. Starwolfie33
    3. KidRetro64


      I’ve had a thing like that before! Let me tell you!

      Its Christmas. We’re all out at a Christmas parade, while my Dad is at home doing the Ironing. He has his Bluetooth headphones on ( Trust me, there snug and you can’t hear a thing! ) and he starts hearing this weird talking murmur with some sort of sound effects. He comes through into our living room, sees nothing. Then, he figures out that my Pixel chix 2 storey house ( which had been lying on our shelf untouched, for 5 months ) springs into life and starts talking!

      I later found out it’s because it was on low batteries- but I was creeped out!

  2. I recently got a US gudetama tamagotchi. Every time I press C it burps. What does this mean?

    1. Eggiweg


      The C button is a status check.  Burp probably means that it is full/happy.

    2. Starwolfie33
  3. I’m getting tamagotchi fever again. Every summer I just get so excited to test out all my tamas

  4. Just preordered my tamagotch M!X. Glad I got it before they ran out.

    1. rosemint


      What website did you preorder it from?

  5. SQUEEEEE!!! Bandai posted i new video on tamagotchi tv just now! SO excited. I can't understand it though....
  6. I saw the video for the new tamagotchi m!x i screamed so hard couldn't a proper sentence

    1. Miini93


      Haha same here!

    2. RubyLullaby


      We all dreamed about this feature as a child, it´s so amazing *O*

  7. So Sad~ My sister and I were seriously looking forward to this

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MametchiWarrior


      Now the meme is over!

    3. RubyLullaby


      I loved the meme, but I am happy for him :,)

    4. ForgottenUsernames


      The meme's no longer relevant just in time for me to be tired of the joke.

  9. I DO! I forgot the name though I wanted one so bad when I was younger but I was too afraid to ask... totally wish I did now ;
  10. I actually made a post like this a month or two ago and I loved the ideas people came up with!
  11. These ones are SUPER unrealistic so prepare your selves A Teen Titans Tamagotchi! Where you raise your Tamagotchi to be either a superhero or a super villain, with references to the show and stuff. and an attack on titan Tamagotchi where you raise your Tamagotchi with a limited amount of food then when its a teen yo take t to the military academy train it to be one of the three classes and if your lucky your Tamagotchi can also evolve into a secret titan character! Also very now and then a titan can burst through the wall and you have to tap the screen in order t to go away, or else it eats your Tamagotchi and the game is over.
  12. Did ayone here know that Ariana Grande is a fan of tamagotchi.

  13. I'll check the website Edit: so I checked the bandai America and there's a place where you can email bandai so when we have a few more ideas down we can send it to them. Who knows? Maybe this is just the motivation they need when making that new color tama!!