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  1. Hello everyone! I'm finally back in Tamatalk And now I have a Tamagotchi M!X Sanrio ❤️ Now that my Tamagotchi is now an adult, I was wondering how do I get it to make friends so that I can eventually have him propose? Do I need to visit a certain location? Especially if I want him to propose to a Sanrio character -- after unlocking destinations, how do I make him make friends? Thank you!
  2. amarie

    What tama should I buy?

    I've personally never had a colored Tamagotchi, but I do have a Tamagotchi v4.5, a v6, and a v7. Out of all I love my v4.5 and v6 the most. I love my connections because of their portable sizes and they're really fun, and whenever I play them I always feel... hispter and retro, using a gadget back from the early 2000's. But seriously, I always recommend the v6 to music lovers and the v4.5 to anyone who is looking for a challenge. Well, hope this helps! Good luck choosing your Tama!
  3. amarie

    Compliment Chain

    I really love Animal Crossing like you and you seem really friendly (you probably are!)
  4. amarie

    Your Interest In Tamagotchi

    Well I love Tamagotchis, but I have other interests,and at times I'm so busy I have to pause my Tamas since I have to prioritize school, etc. I wish I had more time for them, though. But seriously, I can't imagine ever getting bored of my Tamas!
  5. amarie

    Who are you rasising?

    Well I'm raising a Tamatchi who's just 0 years old (lol) on my Music Star, her name's Zoe, and a 4 year old called June on my v4.5 (I forgot what she is! Sorry!).
  6. amarie

    Your Tamagotchi Wishlist

    At the moment, just another Music Star!
  7. amarie

    What are you listening to now?

    Good Girls by 5sos.
  8. amarie

    What song is stuck in your head?

    Voodoo Doll-5sos
  9. I must say, the v4.5's concept is pretty cool! I'd recommend you check it out! And I'm starting to think that yes, the v6 is actually worth it! (Except for the buttons like you mentioned... haha! I think the v4.5's buttons are better tho!)
  10. Oh haha no wonder! Thank you! When I got my v4.5 I found it easy, so I decided to get a Music Star.... so I guess this is the price for complaining the v4.5 wasn't challenging enough! But the v6 still seems really cool though1 Thanks again!
  11. amarie

    What are u Running?

    Currently running my v6 and v4.5.
  12. Hey! Haven't been in TT for like so long. But anyway.. I finally received my v6/Music Star today and I love mine so much-even more than the v4.5 (oops!) but I kind of have an issue. My v6 keeps losing it's hearts, no matter how many games I play with it and praise it with. Now I'm only up to one heart and I've paused it for the meantime. Hope you guys can help!
  13. Thank you, I'll def check it out if ever I get the P's!
  14. amarie

    Ask Raynie: Favorite Things

    What food are you allergic to?
  15. amarie

    Would You Rather!~

    LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS ALL THE WAY. Would you rather lose social media forever or lose your favorite kinds of food forever?