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  1. Posted by -Ra- http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/user/7227-ra/ tamazone: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmOBcznFRGu/?hl=en Ta-da!
  2. Happy Birthday :) Hope you have a great day.

  3. I just hope it isn't a micro-transaction nightmare. I much rather pay a larger amount upfront than infinite smaller micro-transactions.
  4. There is no growth chart as the colours and features your baby inherits is random and there are far too many possibilities to reasonably list. The only generation where your care effects it's growth is the 1st one, and on the Sanrio version it is identical to the Spacey and Melody versions.
  5. getting 2 new m!xes for my bday. should i run the sanrio or the dream town one?

  6. I think I will wait to see if these will be released worldwide. I hope they are.
  7. Rest in Peace, Nugget the Bill.

  8. I have seen it done before. I forget where i saw this, but someone added an LED to their Tamagotchi that lit up when it made a noise. I have also seen backlight mods for both tamagotchi and digimon digital pets. However, what you are describing would require you to solder an LED to where the infrared emitter gets it's power. How exactly you do this, I don't know.
  9. It's really cute, not gonna lie, but I'm just curious as to what an egg poops.
  10. MUDETH released new Antibirth tracks yesterday
  11. It means you need to have care misses in the range of 0 to 3 and 1 to 3 respectively.
  12. where is the pipis room?