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    I love art, reading, and Tamagotchi! I currently only have 1 pampered TamaGO but I hope to get more someday.

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  1. UPDATE: 10-3 (I cannot update again! The prior update that says 10-3 was a mistake and was actually done on 10-2) Ramone evolved into a Shelltchi! I'm very excited to get such a great care character. To keep my track record, I'm trying to get her weight down close to 25 or so. I'm going to go to the store to get her some nummys.
  2. Can someone link me to Ariana's song on Go Go?

  3. I guess it's approved that we're logging in the new Halloween Hatch log? (Not started by Ringotchi) Anyways, that's where I'm logging, soo... Ringotchi, if you have any problems with that please PM me so we can sort it out!
  4. Tama-GO bedtime? This baby is so NEEDY!

    1. Tama-Star_Girl


      You can't put babies to sleep by simply changing the time to late at night. They go to sleep when they want to.

    2. TamagotchE


      Baby went to sleep, finally! No more relentless BEEP BEEP

  5. Tama-go--Baby tama's hunger bar doesn't go up all despite countless feedings??

    1. Kayleykitty


      Probably a glitch try to reset it

  6. On a Tama-GO, how long do I have to play games until my baby girl is happy?

    1. *Hayden*


      Just feed snacks lel

    2. TamagotchE


      No! She is 5 lbs, I don't want her to achieve an unhealthy weight!

    3. Kayleykitty


      usually you just have to beat one game and they will be happy

  7. I hatched a baby girl! I reset, so she's a first gen! She's still a mushroom thing, so updates to come! Currently feeding and playing with her, I'll update tomorrow. UPDATE-10-3 She evolved into a Belltchi! I think I'll start calling her Ramone.....
  8. Is it cool if I hatch tomorrow early in the morning? I will have other stuff going on all day.
  9. Definitely looks like we're gonna get something with Friends! Course, I'll have to buy one but... I dunno. Website isn't responding right but I'm wondering if it's more of a "Coming Soon" thing...
  10. Memetchi-ICONIC! :lol:Nuff said :wub: Mametchi is CRUCIAL! Chamametchi- An absolute sweetie! And I would like the rest to be a surprise, half the fun is the surprise of what creature you get!
  11. I would recommend a Tama-GO, of course, that's my only Tama from the last 5 years or more. Really though, it's a good balance between old and new tamas. PROS: Simple Characters for top are pretty collectible Inexpensive Customizable faceplate CONS: Only has 2 games, a food shop, and a furniture shop without extra purchases (Gotchi figurines) *also has park and dating place, of course No color/not backlit Pretty bulky It sounds kinda lame but I really enjoy it, of course a lot of it's functionality was removed with TamaTown shutting down... But for the price, it's definitely worth it. Other than that, Music Stars look pretty cool and they're inexpensive (Budget's a big thing for me, I'm spending other people's money, lol) and a Music Star is def. next on my list... Hope this helped!
  12. Hmm, Happy Birthday to the bunch of you who were born on this day X years ago. There are a lot of you and I hope your day was perfect!

  13. Does anyone here know of anywhere online where I can get inexpensive English Tamas shipped to the US? Even Amazon is pretty harsh on the wallet so I might just settle for a 20 dollar Music Star...

    1. Myiko


      ebay? Most english tamas can only be found for okay prices in the US, so I don't get where's your problem xD The Music Star is really good tho, you should get it~

    2. Princess Lovelitchi

      Princess Lovelitchi

      Ebay is a good place to look! You can find good deals if you look hard enough

    3. Flare.exe


      Yeah, eBay usually has good deals. You just have to look.

  14. Hm, well, I may be a bit late but for future ref. I would pause or stop running most of them and only bring one or two favorites (perhaps whichever ones have the most progress/generations) as you might not have time to properly care for a whole team of tamas. I would try purchasing a carrying case with a separate compartment for each. Line the compartments with felt, fabric scraps, etc, then place tamas in there with socks around them, you don't know what they'll go through what with airport security! They may be removed and checked, so be cautious. In fact, if you are extremely attached to your character or progress, DON'T bring them in case security pops them open. I doubt it would happen but better safe than sorry. Safe travels!