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  1. i wonder if there's anyone else from SG playing tamas...

  2. My Kuromametchi doesn't like the soup from the cafe.. hahaha

    1. Tama-Star_Girl


      What version is this?

  3. My tama became an adult today and I got Kuromametchi His behaviour during eating changed O.O I took a video of it... it's in the link below: I'm not sure how to react to this, my tama becomes confused when I praise him and when I discipline him about it he become sad (different from previously) D:
  4. hmm it could be the apk...i got the apk from the link somewhere above the thread since i couldn't download from the play store D:
  5. My phone is the Samsung galaxy note 3. My sis says that it might be due to the different type of NFC signal or something... Not sure... Hopefully it's a glitch ><
  6. Hi there! I'm new here but I've been lurking around during the preorder of the tama 4U I just want to share that I ordered the pink 4U and it finally came!! Mine came with the Rolatchi card and I managed to download it into my tama I'm also having problems with downloading from the app my phone can't detect my 4U...