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  1. This sounds like the start of a creepypasta lol
  2. I had the same exact problem with one of my Uminos recently. Buy a #0 JIS screwdriver if you don't have one already, and I personally had success taking one of mine to a local jeweler. It's a little embarrassing but I'm glad I did it
  3. I'm happy to see more people trying the Umino! It's I'm pretty sure the only difference between the American and Japanese one is the growth chart. Unfortunately I don't have an American one so I'm not sure if there's a difference in lifespan or anything... I don't see why there would be. The most important thing is not letting the polar bear get it. It's on a 50-minute schedule, but it doesn't show up every time. The sensor is responsive in both of mine, but occasionally it will fail for no apparent reason.
  4. The same thing happened to my ocean, and I opened it up and cleaned the button contacts with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, and then was good as new. You just need to be careful when you open it.
  5. Let me know how it goes! This makes me want to start mine again. ^^
  6. I've gotten to the adult stage twice, and there are three things that are very important. 1) Do not feed snacks. If you do, make sure you play the game ASAP to get it back to its minimum weight. 2) Do not miss any polar bear attacks! If your umino gets sick more than four times during any stage, it will die instead of evolving. The polar bear comes about every 50 minutes, so it's helpful to set a timer after the first one and check on it every 50 minutes. Sometimes it won't come, but remember that it's still on that schedule. 3) I believe if the discipline is too low, it will die instead of evolving. But it sounds like that's not a problem for you. Of course you always want clean water and full hearts. My main advice is that if you can't give it your attention for more than 15 minutes or so, you should pause it. I hope this helps.
  7. I would only get one if you can get it for a really good deal. As you probably know, it has the screensaver "feature" so you have to press a button to actually see your pet. As a result, the animations are really basic, not nearly as good as Mothra. Also, Morino seems to take forever to evolve.
  8. Animal Crossing! Without it, I probably would never have gotten a Gamecube or DS and I probably wouldn't be the gamer I am today.
  9. According to my dad, I played Legend of Zelda (probably the original) in the hospital when I was 3. I don't remember it at all but that's pretty awesome. xD
  10. Did anyone else buy these for $5 on the Wii U or 3DS shop? They were so cute and beautiful! I really want to see more Nintendo animated movies. Maybe they will become the next Pixar!
  11. Yes!! It's very good, but it's not for everyone since it's very violent and confusing at times. But I love Isaac and Miria.
  12. The same thing happened to me recently! I set my alarm for 6 am so I could win the auction, but I still lost! Now I just put in the absolute maximum I'm willing to pay for and hope for the best. BTW make sure your max bid isn't a whole number. Like put 20.50 for example, instead of just 20.00. I won my last one by just 50 cents because they were bidding whole numbers. I hope that helps.
  13. Not in my opinion. I've heard it has poor translations, glitches, etc. You don't need to read Japanese to enjoy a regular iD L
  14. When I was twelve I saw an exhibit in a museum in Chicago about robots/artificial intelligence. Tamagotchi was one of the things on display (which is pretty cool now that I think of it), and it made me really want one so I went to Target by myself and bought myself a V4. I remember it was the blue swirl one, and my first tama was named Flo but she died. It seems like a lot of people accidentally kill their first one, but it never happened again. I had to convince my friends to get one because I wanted people to connect with! I lost interest until I was 16 and got a job. Now that I could shop online, I ordered a bunch of Tamas I always wanted. A green P1, a white P2, a gold P2, a blue and white Angelgotchi, and yellow V3. And I'm 19 now. So yeah, I didn't grow up with Tamas exactly but they are very special to me.