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  1. My V3 had chocolate today too - twice in the shop on the same day. Strrrraaaaaannnngeee.
  2. Looking forward to it! Enjoy your new tama, and I'm sure we will all enjoy reading about it!
  3. That's very sweet of you, Gazette. I kind of agree, actually. It looks better in person than in the photo, and besides, I'll love it no matter what! Haha
  4. My Tamagotchi is a TARDIS now!

    1. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Beautiful! Just beautiful! I love it :3

    2. Nokogiritchi


      Thank you so much! And I love your idea for an Undertale pet :D

  5. Hi Doctor Who fans and Tama nerds! There was already a thread for custom Tamagotchis, but as it is now locked I decided to start a new one. Apologies if this already exists as something current, but I could not find it so here we are. Anywho, I just wanted to show off this picture of the custom paint job I just did to my see through yellow V3. It's far from the most elegant thing in the world as it is all done by hand and finished with several layers of clear nail polish, but I still think it's cute and since it took me the whole day I thought it worth posting in case anyone was interested. This is what it looked like before (image not mine): And this is it now, warts and all: That's a little pouch beside it - you know, so the TARDIS doesn't get damaged :* It works perfectly and makes me smile whenever I see it, because it combines my two great loves in one fabulous - if scruffy - little mutant creation. Anyway, thanks for reading, and please feel free to post any of your own customs, if people still do that, haha. Peace. -Nokogiritchi
  6. Got one of my V3s in the mail. They said it was English but it's Japanese. It wouldn't be too much of a problem except everything's pretty much different. Grr.

  7. Postie had my Christmas Gotchis and knocked on the door, but was in such a rush to get off for his holiday that he just left without giving me the parcel! Now I have to wait till Mon! Waa D:

  8. Haha, it's funny to see people saying "Christmas Eve, woo!" when it says 25th of December on their stats for my screen! owo

  9. Merry Christmas! xxx

  10. Can't wait to get a new Tamagotchi for Xmas :D

  11. Beep boop.

    1. TotallyTamagotchi
    2. Nokogiritchi


      >:o Oh no, this means war. Beeep booop beeep!


  12. Waiting to buy a Tamagotchi V3. I really wish I could find one under 30NZD.

  13. Back from the USA! I got 4 TMGC friends, but I would still rather have a V3, haha :)