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  1. So I just received my new tamagotchi 4u, and I downloaded the english app on my Galaxy s5, which I know is compatible. I set up the tamagotchi properly and also the app, but both the app and tamagotchi won't even respond. I have the NFC connection on as well as the S Beam and it still won't work. I'm pretty sure that my phone isn't a Canadian or European phone, because I live in the Mid-West. Could someone please tell me why my phone/tamagotchi won't connect?
  2. Find it hilarious how the teens on the P, can still go to daycare with the babies.

  3. I'm looking to buy another tamagotchi color. I'm looking to buy the next generation (I know the m!x is coming out soon), but I'm unsure which one to buy. The 4u has gotten pretty cheap, but people say the 4u plus is better. I don't know what the difference between the two are, besides that the plus gets more characters. Also will a Samsung Galaxy s6/7 work with the app. Some say that the s6 did work at some point, but then stopped working. Is the 4u worth getting, even if the app doesn't work for me? If anyone will give their input, that would be much appreciated
  4. I guess so, thanks ^-^ It still would've been nice to download other wallpapers for other rooms
  5. Curled up on the couch in a sweater with a spoonful of Nutella, my P's and Netflix. This is truly bliss

  6. One of the few things that I slightly dislike Bandai for doing is getting rid of and replacing some characters with each passing generation. I do like the new characters, but I think I prefer the more older, simpler characters. Some characters such as gozarutchi, chamametchi, violetchi, and mimitchi are just a named few. I just want to hear your guy's opinion about the topic, even if it's against my opinions.
  7. I did this too. I miss my Music Star I grew very attached to that particular shell ;-;
  8. I was researching about the download feature on the Tamagotchi P's. And I am looking at the wallpapers. Can you only download wallpapers for the living room? Because I want to have matching wallpapers for all the rooms :/
  9. Interesting Facts about Me - If you tickle me I will screech and collapse on the floor - I have played the violin for 5 years now - I talk to my fish Tyrion, because he is good with conversations
  10. Not many people at my school were about Tamagotchi, I even remember watching the v5 commercial and wanting the Tamagotchi. Never did get it due to me not knowing how to say/type Tamagotchi (I only say the commercial once). At my school Webkinz were the craze which surely annoyed me, because I preferred Neopets.
  11. I'm terribly shy too, but I was suppose breaking through the shyness and being brave makes friends. *Sigh* I wish I was born earlier in the 90's, that way I could've participated with the golden years
  12. You know the connection option in most Tamagotchis? Am I the only one that is secretly hoping, when I am playing my Tamagotchi in public, that someone will approach me and whip out their own Tamagotchi?
  13. I often read books that I always wanted to read. Like right now I need to start on the second book of the Game of Thrones series and Memoirs of a Geisha
  14. Having trouble deciding to either buy another P's or my first ID l :/

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Ebochan


      Has anyone used a 3ds to transfer info to an id l? Im leaning towards id L myself.

    3. Flare.exe


      I don't think it's possible to transfer stuff from the 3DS, but I may be wrong.

    4. LovelyLavender


      I have a 3ds and I heard that it's not possible, but I believe a psp is able to transfer. So it maybe possible