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    black smoke osu
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    WAITING FOR: pink v2; tamakaci dinosaurs x2; entama/uratama pink
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    hawaiian flower v2
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    tama friends -- gen 2 mametchi
    v4.5 globe -- gene 1 babytchi (female) (maria)

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  1. Waiting for Princess Spacey in the mail!!!

  2. THIS is gonna color my day... :( Got REALLY sniped on a Tama lot I was really invested in. Ugh, I'm so upset, I could cry...

    1. 2pVaporeon


      awh, im sorry. :C

  3. I was bidding on this (awesome) lot of 12 (vintage) tamagotchis throughout the week--it contained a Ginza street, an angelgotchi, a mori, at least two tama schools... all going for a starting price of $50 + shipping. Like, almost too-good-to-be-true level awesome. It ended today at 4:06AM and because I was going to be asleep then I set like 7 different alarms guaranteeing I had enough time to wake up and win the auction. I got up at about 3:40AM, and messed around online, and at 4:04 I started focusing exclusively on the eBay page. About 13 seconds before the auction ended someone outbid me by 1 dollar. I quickly entered a new max bid of $80 and hit enter, confirm--DEFINITELY should've been done in time to outbid my opponent, but lo and behold, when the page refreshed the item had already sold for $71. I honestly am really super upset right now, this was going to be a huge gift to myself after a long week of just feeling upset and generally blegh. Do any of you guys have similar experiences? I know I'm probably overreacting, I just... really really wanted that lot! Haha.
  4. Oh, I have a few. I tried to cover a V4 with crayola magic clay when I was in elementary school, because I wanted to see how a new design of mine would look (spoiler alert--BAD). I let my little neighbor borrow my first tamagotchi ever and she broke it... I was really sad but after, like, 7 years, I'm getting a new one (version 2 in pink) in the mail any day now! I also clipped my six tamagotchis to my backpack, left my backpack in the hall, and came back... to 2 tamagotchis. I also used to (as in, from age 8 to a few months ago) starve my boy tamagotchis to death because I wanted a cute girl adult. I regret doing that sooo much now! D:
  5. What's everyone's favorite and least favorite game(s) across the board? Personally, I like Tamagotchi Friends' Cake Catch (or maybe I'm just addicted and not yet self-aware?). I can't stand V4.5's Tug-o-War or Tama Friends' Dance. I also love Man Hole (which I believe was also from 4.5?)
  6. OMG Yesss. I want a TamaWalkie SOOOO bad, but I want the black one!!
  7. Guess who just bought an EnTama? :D Got a really good deal too!

  8. So, I always like to know what Tamagotchis/virtual pets are on everyone's wishlist! The ones you're looking for, the ones you love but can never find, the ones that cost 600 dollars on eBay but you want anyway... I'm just curious! I'm a tamagotchi collector (err... an aspiring tamagotchi collector) so I really want to buy like, every tama, but there are some specifically that I want for my personal collection!: - Tamagotchi v1 white - Tamagotchi v1 translucent blue - Tamagotchi v1 mint blue - Tamagotchi v2 hawaiian flowers - Tamagotchi v2 translucent pink - Tamagotchi v2 pink with diamonds - Tamagotchi v3 constellations - Tamagotchi v3 ribbons - Tamagotchi v3 bubbles - Tamagotchi v4 sunflowers - Tamagotchi v4 red hearts - Tamagotchi v4.5 hawaiian flowers - Tamagotchi v4.5 green pink and white - Tamagotchi v4.5 pastel pink and green - Tamagotchi v5 white city - Tamagotchi v5 cookie dough - Tamagotchi v5 space - Tamagotchi v5 cotton candy - Tamagotchi v5 cherry blossoms - Tamagotchi v5.5 silver - Tamagotchi v6 red and black - Tamagotchi v6 disco - Tama-go white - Tama iD pink - Tama iD yellow - Tamagotchi Friends colorful dots - Tamagotchi Friends purple with designs - Tamagotchi Friends purple and silver - Keitai Kaitsuu aqua blue - Keitai Kaitsuu pink hearts - Tamagotchi Plus Akai apples - Tamagotchi Plus Akai pink coffee - Tamagotchi Plus Akai black and gold - Hanerutchi green - EnTama pink and red - EnTama green and yellow - EnTama blue flowers - EnTama blue, yellow, and orange - Ura Jinsei roses - Ura Jinsei pink lace doily (on the way!) - TamagoChu pink/blue geometric - TamagoChu white - TamagoChu crowns - OdeKun pink - OdeKun green - Royal Family white and pink - Royal Family gold - Royal Family tropical - Tamagotchi Plus Color light pink - Tamagotchi Plus Color mint blue - ExMotchi red - Hexagontchi red - Tamagotchi iD yellow - Tamagotchi iD green - Tamagotchi iD pink - Tamagotchi Nano rainbows - Tamagotchi Nano aqua blue - Tamagotchi iD pink/gold - Tamagotchi P's Coffret - Tamagotchi P's Melody Land - Tamagotchi P's pink - Tamagotchi P's purple - Tamagotchi silver angel - Tamagotchi blue angel - Tamagotchi pink angel - MesuTchi/OsuTchi pink and blue - MesuTchi/OsuTchi hearts - MesuTchi smoke - Tamagotchi Mori vine - Tamagotchi Mori brown - Tamagotchi Ocean purple - DevilGotchi Black - Yasashii Tamagotchi Yellow - SantaclauTchi silver/white - SantaclauTchi green - Mothra Tamagotchi green/blue - Genjitchi brown - Tamagotchi Ginza Street orange - Tamagotchi Ginza Street pink - Tamagotchi School plaid - Tamagotchi School white with flowers - TamaWalkie black/pink So what's your tamagotchi wishlist?
  9. Today's purchases: Tamagotchi Pink V2 and 2 Tamacaki Dinosaurs!!

  10. Definitely self-contained Tamas, but I liked having TamaTown/being able to export my tamagotchi to a computer to get more $ and items--that was so much fun!