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  1. My Tama evolved into a Exceptional care tama! Coffretchi!

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    2. SailorRosette


      Yup... Gotta win 10 games, or have store bought food to change that. Plus the care levels/misses.

    3. naokik


      oh no! I don't feel as special anymore lol

    4. SailorRosette


      Its the social ones everyone has a hardtime getting. Requires two tama.friends and ten messages sent to the others. There is a chart in tips and tricks.

  2. My High school doesn't care about my tama. They usually just laugh and say "wow I havent seen someone with one of those at school in years!" i guess it's true haha the tama craze was years ago.
  3. Thats great! that will save me like 40 bucks!
  4. thats great news! I assumed because of the dialouge that the Tamas would be more dependent on text. but if its anything simmilar to the ones I have I could navigate it with my eyes closed.
  5. Thank you for your input! I'm looking around and the Japanese model is so much cheaper! so there isn't much of a language barrier?
  6. I think I actually have the Hawaiin flowers v2...
  7. I've wanted to buy a english ID L for a while but the price has always scared me away... I am a highschool student with no job so buying this tama would be like an investment. and now I really want one because of how disappointed I am with Tamagotchi Friends... Is it really worth it?