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    1) Tamagotchi Connection V4.5, 2) Tamagotchi Connection V5, 3) Tamagotchi Connection V5.5, 4) Tamagotchi iD L (English Version)
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  1. I like the US designs more than the UK ones but I haven't bought a Tamagotchi Friends yet... ~Sad~
  2. I'm waiting for Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire to come with the mail... I'm going to start one of them in some hours! So excited!!!
  3. I think it was a Super Mario Bros, and shortly after this I got "Looney Tunes: Carrot Crazy". I remember that I found it so difficult to complete the game back then and when I played it again, like, 2 years ago, I finished it in 3 hours...
  4. Reshiram and Ninetales! I love both of them so much!
  5. I run my Tamas whenever I've got more free time in my hands, for instance on Christmas or Spring break or when my classes aren't so demanding... Currently, I'm running my 3 old Tamas (V4.5, V5 and V5.5) and today I'm going to start my brand new iD L! I'm getting a bit tired of the Familitchis though, I think I prefer raising only one Tama at a time...
  6. I guess it's today... Because my purple Tamagotchi iD L (English Version) has just arrived!!!
  7. My Tamagotchi iD L is finally here!

  8. My Tamagotchi iD L (English Version) has arrived to my local post office and I'll have it in my hands tomorrow morning! So excited!!!

  9. I'm thinking of ordering a Tamagotchi V6 too.. I want to save money to buy a white P's, so I can't spend 50 euros or so to buy a new V6 as well. As long as it doesn't have big scratches on the screen and shell and works perfectly, I think I'll be satisfied with it.
  10. To actually look out of the window every day per hour to see if the mail service has arrived with your new Tamagotchi! (I'm currently waiting for my iD L English version and I'm soooo excited!!!)
  11. I've got the exact same Tamagotchi V4.5! Isn't this shell beautiful?! I bought it two years ago and it's still in fairly good condition, there are only some scratches on the screen but they aren't visible unless you shine light upon it and there are also a few on the back, but nothing too visible... I want to get a Universal character on my V4.5 but I think it must have at least on Universal parent (do they arrive with the Matchmaker, I'm not really sure)... I've never got a Universal character and it's so annoying.
  12. Best: Golf Putt from Tamagotchi V5 (I've got yet to see the games from Tamagotchi iD L - English Version) Worst: Shapes from Tamagotchi V4.5
  13. I've got a Sony Ericsson K770i, do you think it will work, guys? Also, are there still only 3 patches or has a 4th patch been released? I can't find a 4th one, I watched some videos by RaTamaZone and his videos are up to the third patch. I'm thinking of ordering a white P's a Christmas gift myself, so I'll have got one month to prepare...