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  1. I'm on Season 2 of Twin Peaks right now.
  2. It's fun, I lost my cart a while back and I bet my town's pure anarchy by now.
  3. Splatoon 2, but I need to get money. $300 worth of money, but then there's also Nintendo's AWFUL WAYS OF STOCKING THE FRICKING PRODUCT AND THEY NEED TO STOP THAT Now that the Switch has been released, the Wii U no longer exists. Well, it does, but nobody cares. GLad I didn't waste any money getting one of those things during that era.
  4. Sonic Heroes- Casino Park Zone THE MUSIC IN SONIC GAMES ARE SO AMAZING also I've been listening to a lot of lo-fi hip hop which is nice too.
  5. What's it like? I've heard of it from a lot of LGBT news pages, but I haven't quite gotten to looking into it.
  6. I just recently finished Day of the Tentacle, and went back to get all the trophies. It's a fun and hilarious game.
  7. While scrolling through Facebook, this showed up. I'm going to just put this here. Thoughts?
  8. I haven't been here in a while. I'm probably going to be here a bit more since I left Twitter in late February.

  9. I'll list some of my favourites. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Simpsons Hit and Run, Puyo Puyo, Borderlands 2...
  10. When you cancel it and it even stalls even on cancelling.