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  1. That's absolutely adorable!! I might have to follow your lead there with my black and white tamas! As or me, I tend to display the ones I'm currently running in cradles or cushions I've made.
  2. Soooo sad!!! My tamagotchi died during my final :( Made it up to gen 5

    1. kuchikid


      Sorry to hear that!

  3. I'd love to see the the sexes removed from tamas! They didn't used to have them, and I thought it added charm. I always thought of the different tamas as like "species" I suppose? Kind of like how the pokemon, Gardevoir, could be male or female regardless of how feminine the "species" (breed??) is. It's a children's toy, and they were supposed to be aliens originally, I don't see why they couldn't go back to being a bit more gender neutral. I could argue that the sex specifics are to help with easier navigation with the evolution pathways, but those could be solved with other methods as well. I'm always excited to see more gender neutrality and I think it'd allow for more creativity if nothing else! 💖 ~ Miau
  4. I've been playing Digimon World Dusk and Okami (switch version)!! Dusk is one of my favorite games of all time so I'm happy to be playing it again As for Okami, I'm really enjoying it too! Not what I was expecting, as I've never played the original, but I'm really loving it too ~ Miau
  5. I always feel so sad when I wake up and the next gen baby on my v4.5 is crying cus their parent left them :(
    It's ok buddy I'll take care of you, I promise!

    1. AnniChu


      Ahh I feel the same way! Makes me extra motivated to take care of them though!

  6. I personally think it might be Bandai's attempt to revive the following they had here in the west. I have seen some parents introducing their kids to them though! I'm praying it isn't just a nostalgia cash grab, but I think we're past that after the minis. To my understanding, the re-releases seem to be doing relatively well? Gigapets are also making a comeback, but they're including usage of an app along with the physical toys. Bandai's doing the app thing as well with Tamagotchi Forever, but I wonder if we'll be seeing exclusive apps with the purchase of a physical toy in the future? Bright colors and ease of access with phone usage seem to be a hit with younger demographics. ~Miau
  7. Most of the responses I get are something along the lines of "Whoa Cool! I used to have one of those!" as if they're some old relic; but when I break out the newer color models their minds are absolutely BLOWN lol. I once got someone browsing through ebay after an encounter. Of course, there's always the "what are you, 5?" comments, but those come pretty far and few between. Usually they're very positive reactions! I think with the new eevee tama that was released and the re-release of the originals there will be a renewed spike in interest with the general public. I have a friend who made fun of my little virtual pets pretty regularly, but once the eevee tama came out he actually bought one! He's stopped making fun of my hobby since haha ~Miau
  8. I keep falling off of here haha! Good to see you guys again!

    1. Admin


      Right back at you! the simpsons hello GIF

  9. Just pre-ordered my Meets

    1. tamagotchirocks


      That's great, where did u order it from? :)

    2. Miau


      I ordered it from hobbylink japan!

  10. I want a new tama!!

    1. Berryitchi


      Which oneeee? :o

    2. QueenRita


      who doesnt tbh

    3. Miau


      I have my heart set on a P's now lol

  11. Thanks so much for posting this!! I've struggled with mental health issues for the majority of my life, namely depression, anxiety, and OCD; and Tamagotchis and other vpets have always been there for me. I'm often too anxious to talk to new people, and when I was little they acted like a little friend I could hang out with even if I was too nervous to try to make friends with the new kid in class. But now, the little guys are more of a conversation starter and have actually helped me meet new people and make new friends. Even little things, If I'm ever too anxious to do something alone, or I feel lonely, I can remember that I have a little tama with me cheering me on and depending on me. Or the fact that these little virtual friends ask for help kinda helped me realize that I can ask for help too! And more often than not, there will be people there to help u, just like how we're here for the tamas lol. I think somehow they've helped me grow as a person and I'm very thankful for the experience they've given me ~Miau
  12. hello I'm back maybe?

    1. Hapihapitchi


      aye welcome back (maybe?)!

    2. Miau


      aye thanks! (definitely)

    3. KidRetro64
  13. Yup, made it through my first generation on the v5 and I think I'm ready to put it away again lol

    1. Skygryph


      Aw, really? It always looked fun to me, but does it get boring fast?

    2. Miau


      I didn't like the games much. And getting the evolution you want isn't very fun. I didn't like the process much, I think it might be my least favorite out of all the tamas I have so far

  14. It's definitely one of the better odd pets. I enjoyed it and they were pretty popular on facebook groups for good while supposedly (though I don't have a facebook so don't quote me on that haha) ~ Miau
  15. running my v5 again. I'm trying to learn to love it, but I'm just not a fan of the gamesss

    1. Hapihapitchi


      I dont even play the games since there's no weight feature nor a good/bad care system, its based of bonding instead

    2. ammonride


      ya...v5s arent my favorite