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    I LOVE drawing, animation, games, and anything cartoon! My favorite cartoons are: Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, MLP, Adventure Time.

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    ID L
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    V4.5 (though slowly becoming the iD L 030)
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    Mametchi, or Julietchi
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    ID L, & 4U
  1. MametchiWarrior

    Where can I find the Tamagotchi Anime?

  2. MametchiWarrior

    Possible to have too many of the same Tamagotchi?

    In my personal opinion, no not at all! Ive been thinking of getting another 4u along with another iDL. Especially with connection features its worth it.
  3. MametchiWarrior

    ☆ Clay V-pet Cradle Tutorial ☆

    This is extremely helpful! Thank you!
  4. MametchiWarrior

    Guess what!?

  5. MametchiWarrior

    Somebody stop me...

    Don't worry, were all like this. You wont be finding any help here lol!
  6. MametchiWarrior

    Is Entama A Good First Tamagotchi?

    Lol I'm just gonna show my way out.
  7. I love the fact you can be an old enough to marry, old enough to drink, college student with a job, and it still be acceptable to take a dump on the living room carpet. Like seriosuly!?
  8. MametchiWarrior

    Do you still play with B&W Tamagotchis?

    I still run my v4.5 and tamago a lot, possibly even more than my color screens.
  9. MametchiWarrior

    Personal Best Tama Ages

    I try to go for as long as possible on my IDL, and so far, I'm on 6 generations (I restarted a few times cuz I got bored.) Honestly, on an individual tamagotchi scale, I try to keep them on the ID L untill they have all they're happy stamps, and on any other Tama, until I maxed everything out.
  10. MametchiWarrior

    About tamagotchi M!X 2016

    One has Melodytchi and another special character, while one has Himespetchi and a different special character.
  11. Its just cause of the 2 characters Melodytchi and Himespetchi, and you can only get one of them on each of the versions...
  12. MametchiWarrior

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Yeah, I'm waiting for the FREAKING M!X TO COME OUT.
  13. MametchiWarrior

    you know you're obsessed when...

    Your parents basically can tell when you have a Tamagotchi on you You buy any new Tamagotchi when it comes out (Maybe even preorder) You go online and specifically buy charms from other franchises (anime, cartoons, whatev) for your Tama's You actually say goodnight to your Tama's You've never dropped a single Tama You've never once broke a Tama You've never once lost a Tama Make an eBay account specifically to buy Tamas You doodle Tamas You bring your currently running Tama everywhere inside of a pouch/case You keep a cradle/beanbag in your locker at school (along with a screwdriver/batteries) so you can have them at school You try to make celebrations for your Tama's (buy them special things in shops, buy them special items/food) Whenever you are expecting a new Tama in the mail you purchase it with something else so your parents don't think you're obsessed When you get a new Tama you make sure to have a prepared charm, case, and cradle And, thats all for now!
  14. Hey guys, its me MW, and I have need a little bit of help (I guess this is a question...). So, with lack of a lot of games, food, clothing, etc., on my ID L I've been getting a liiittle bored with it (Still favorite tama ). So, Ive decided to spend a few bucks on getting an Infrared USB or Phone to download some extra content. But, there is A LOT of them, and I know that a lot of them wont work for the tama itself. So, I am asking for help. If anyone has any USB's or Phones, If you can tell me what they are(The PRECISE model) or give me links (I can only buy on amazon) that would be AWESOME! Any and all help is appreciated -MametchiWarrior
  15. MametchiWarrior

    Tamagotchi emulator for PC.

    Sounds awesome! I'll end you the sprites as soon as I can, and test the game!