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  1. Kyuu

    Last Post Wins

  2. Kyuu

    Log: A Carer of Eight

    Lance and Ellen are the cutest ;w;... Love your log!!!! (also.. 50.6k points jesus christ)
  3. Your log is so cute!!! I hope you do post more..! I'm sorry that you don't have a phone for your 4u.. I'd recommend the P's or the M!X since contain tons of material!! Also--- I've heard that rechargeable batteries do die faster, so if you can get your hands on regular batteries, they're much preferred :0 Have a nice day!
  4. Kyuu

    What are you watching now?

    Star Trek..! I want to finish the original series and next generations before the new series comes out later this year ;w;
  5. Kyuu

    Mod Break

  6. violetchi is so cute ;w;... i've been a fan of your logs for quite some time now, keep it up!!!! i always feel inspired to run 13 more tamas after reading your entries lol
  7. I don't think they'll lose value altogether. I mean, people still own angelgotchis and p1's in spite of there existing an app for it. I guess it'll come down to whoever wants to own the pierce physically as a collection piece.
  8. Kyuu

    12 years later

    This is the only account I've ever made, since I didn't ever think there were Tamagotchi forums when I started off with my first Tamagotchi (a pink v6 when I was eight). Nevertheless, I'm still glad this site is somewhat active n.n
  9. this log is so adorable..! here's to hoping ilse will reach 100 n.n
  10. Kyuu

    Tamagotchi Characters Fan Art - Mimitchi cute ;w; your style is so nice!!! can I put in a request for bouquetchi?
  11. Kyuu

    Valentine's Day Hatch! (Starting Feb 14)

    I'd love to join! I've been meaning to start my P's again.
  12. Kyuu

    Kyuu's Log

    Hello!! I'm in homeschooling now for mental health reasons so I have more time to run Tamagotchis now. Rereading this log was super fun, so I think I'll revive it!.. Which tamagotchi should I begin running? I'm thinking of restarting my P's but I'm not sure yet... Until next time, ~Kyuu
  13. Kyuu

    Mod Break

  14. Kyuu

    Who do you have a crush on?

    Crushing on a girl that's been ignoring me for almost a year now because she thought I hated her. I still can't get over her, even though I know I shouldnn't care about her. Oh well :'D