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  1. For the time being, I'm only running my iD because I feel like I can't take care of more than one due to coursework and being more busy atm. I have Kuchipachi and I've had him for a good while now, I don't feel like marrying him off yet. He's about 30/31 yrs now. Hopefully I'll be able to marry him off before he decides to leave me I'll try and update as much as possible
  2. I haven't been on here for ages, need to update

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      Welcome back to TamaTalk.

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      Welcome back! ;w;

  3. Dpmo, I accidentally pressed the back button and lost all the things I was going to post just now. I cba to do it all over again now, so I'll post another time. For now I'll just show a few recent pictures
  4. Aww, thank you. I didn't think my log was that good tbh, so thanks for the motivation
  5. I will try to continue this log, but I'll add my other tamagochis as well because I don't want to keep going back and forth to each log. v2 - Toratchi, 5yrs old, 4th generation, name = Ana v1 - Marutchi, 1yrs old, 3rd generation, named = Ronza v3 - Tamatchi, 0yrs old, 4th generation, name = Timmi iD - Memetchi, 8yrs old, 1st generation, name = Izumi Basically, ignore the name of this log
  6. Sasmo had turned into Memetchi and a few days later had a baby girl, which I named Sisa (strange name, right?) I've been seeing this image/icon a lot recently, with the snowman and it common? Sisa is now 1yrs old and she turned into Marutchi earlier today. I'm quite pleased that I'm on my 3rd generation..don't think I've ever gone that far before... Extra!! Takon turned into Woolchi... a below average care character
  7. Recieved the tamagotchi today, turns out that it's a V1!

  8. Ordered another V2 y/day..think I'm going to use it for debugging

  9. Quite a few things has happened lately. Zaya found love and got a baby girl, she left her on Monday night/Tuesday morning. I name the baby Sasmo and she's one years old now. I got to see her evolve into young mimitchi today. Sasmo's evolution process = Shiropetitchi > Kuribotchi > Young Mimitchi My V3 turned into a "very good care" character (Pyonchitchi)
  10. I also got my V3 in the post y/day and I'm running it now too. (teletchi>tamatchi>young mametchi) I don't know why but my characters keep coming out as average care characters I named him Pedru. I love seeing my tamas' characters evolve, it's so cool
  11. There hasn't been much interested things going on Zaya, apart from that she evolved into Tarakotchi. She's 5 yrs old now. I'm surprised she turned into tarakotchi tbh, I thought I did a pretty decent job of taking care of her.
  12. (This is my first log, forgive me if this doesn't take your fancy ) I received my V2 in the mail yesterday and I've started it up. I got a girl and named her Zaya (ザヤ). She turned into young mametchi today. -> -> (Zaya in the bath) Well, this is about it for now. Hopefully I can do daily updates.
  13. My first vintage tamagotchi was an angelgotchi, japanese version I ordered it 20/Dec/14 & got it about couple weeks later
  14. I'd be very grateful if you were able to. Thanks
  15. Im wondering if I can get an inside pic of your pocket pikachu? Only because mine had a missing pedometer(? I think) and I just want to make sure in case I need to get the correct replacement piece(s)