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  1. This is my collection so far, still saving up for more: And a Yasashii and Mezamatch on the way, yeey! 8 others to arrive soon... Just the look of them all together makes me happy 😃
  2. I'm the proud owner of a tama 4u since a few months now. I figured most things out, except one. When going to the park and chosing the second option, there's a dance game that you can play with another character. The first few rounds i'm doing fine, pressing the button it says to press. But then in about the fourth or fifth round, it always shows a second button right after the first. I've tried everything (pressing the two buttons after each other, pressing them simultaneously, pressing only the first, only the second...) but I just can't figure out what i'm supposed to do to pass this round and fail time after time. O.0 I really hope someone can explain the game to me so I'll be FINALLY able to win it