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    I like to watch drama (TVD, The Originals, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, New Girl etc...)

    I also enjoy reading. My fav authors include Dorothy Koomson, Sophie Kinsella, Jodi Picoult.......

    Lastly I also crochet a lot when I am free! It helps me destress :D

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    - White Yasashii :D
    - White Santagotch
    - Black Devilgotch
    - Blue Mezamatch
    - Blue Angelgotch
    - Blue Floral Tamagotchi Dream Town Friends
    - Purple 18th Anniversary Tamagotchi 4U
    - Green Tamagotchi 4U+
    - Tamagotchi P's Aikatsu Set
    - Tamagotchi P's Dream Coffret Set
    - Tamagotchi P's Melody Land Set
    - Aikatsu Pierce
    - Namekonfunfu pierce
    - Sanrio pierce
    - Dream coffret pierce
    - Fairy change pierce
    - Baby change pierce
    - Anniversary change pierce
    - Royal change pierce
    - Melody land pierce
    - Love & Melody pierce
    - Tama star circus pierce
    - Berry sweets pierce
    - Dream to change ribbon pierce
    - Miracrise pierce
    - CIAO change pierce
    - Disney pierce
    - Purple iD L (English)
    - Princess Spacy iD L
    - 15th Anniversary iD L
    - Melody crown iD
    - iD station
    - Blue Tamagotchi Friends (US Ver)
    - Blue/Silver Tamagotchi iD
    - Orange TMGC+C
    - White/Red TMGC+C Hexagontchi
    - Red/White TMGC+C Hexangotchi
    - White TMGC+C Exile ver.
    - Red TMGC+C Exile ver.
    - Green and white TMGC+C
    - Tamagotchi Pocket Designer
    - Blue Tamago
    - Memetchi Figure
    - Mametchi Figure
    - Kuchipatchi Figure
    - Chamametchi Figure
    - Flowertchi Figure
    - Music Star (Glam Rock)
    - White Familitchi
    - White with hearts V2
    - Purple royal famitama
    - V2 Special edition set, true friends - Flower design
    - Purple tama profy
    - Silver/brown entama
    - Green P1 (Eng)
    - English Angel (Gold)
    - Tama Suku Ver 1
    - Tama Suku Ver 2
    - Uniqlo Tama Suku
    - Uniqlo V5
    - Doraemontchi
    - Tamagotchi Fure Fure
    - White umino
    - Yellow with vines morino
    - Hong Kong Special Edition P1
    - Yellow/orange P2
    - Family Mametchi V5
    - Green with Mametchi V4
    - Blue TOYRUS V4
    - Transparent V3
    - Singapore Special Edition V3
    - Oden Kun Pink
    - Oden Kun Yellow
    - Pink Arukotch
    - Tamagotchi Nano (Anchor)
    - Tamagotchi Nano (White Tama Depa)
    - Osu/Mesu (Green/Orange w hearts)
    - Yellow Kakeibo

    (A lot more connections not listed)

    - Digimon Adventure Digivice
    - Digimon Vpet V1
    - Digimon Vpet V2
    - Digimon Vpet V3
    - Digimon Vpet V5
    - Digimon Pendulum 1
    - Digimon Pendulum 2
    - Digimon D3

    - Blue cheeks chan ver 1

    (I have more but I update those I remember)
  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    Tamagotchi P's
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    Always running my P's XD

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  1. Waiting for my M!X to be shipped.......

    1. Yumecantchi000


      Wish you a nice M!X

    2. tamapalace


      so exciting !

  2. NUUU. I left my mothra at home and now it grew to the Batora grub *CRYS*

    1. tamatamaa


      Wow!! You have an amazing collection! I'm really jealous hahahaha!

  3. My collection as of 16 Dec 2015. I've gotten a few more since then
  4. Looks pretty legit... The price is pretty good considering they are NIP.
  5. Appearing and disappearing.... lol

  6. There are A LOT of chick virtual pets, it might help if you could post some photos for what you are looking at so we can better help you EDIT: You might want to check this out. I own 2 of these and they are all in Japanese.
  7. I wouldn't worry as of now. It can take up to 1 month or even longer. If she wrote a return address, the mail will be returned to her if it fails to be delivered to you. Always ask the other party to write his/her own address in case of failed delivery.
  8. I don't know if it works, but I think you should open it up and try using alcohol swabs to clean the board.. It worked on some of my tamagotchi that had insensitive buttons..
  9. I emailed him months ago and he didn't add any photos :/