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  1. OH NO, NOT THAT SHOW! GU (gem underwear)
  2. Ah, well. I’d say a Home Deka Tama (and it’s accompanying tama version) or Osutchi and Mesutchi.
  3. You can still keep the tama! Just gotta memorize the layout. 1 A press (if not in a menu already): settings/profile 2 A presses food, (if not in a menu already) starts at Fridge, press A to select, then press b to select seasoned rice. Second A press=gelatin (snack). In first food menu, press A to go down to restaurant option, then with another A press Restaurant (use this option for adult tamas, they don’t like seasoned rice) Then press A to select the top option, then A a second time to feed the tama (you could probably see the colors of the food, though, that’s how you’ll know you’ve hit the right place) 3 A presses= toilet, first option cleans up poop, second option bathes the tama 4 A presses= connection, if you have the app go to the third option and hit visit when prompted, second option is to download items, first option just play date, press A button three times then B button, have it visit the working tama so you can actually see the thing There’s eventually going to be tamas you can use for parts, so hang in there. You can also use your second tama as reference for the menus if you need to. If it doesn’t respond to button presses, then idk what to tell you