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  1. Heyyyyy! I think I found a good seller of tamagotchi meets on public eBay! Tell me if you buy from him if it doesn’t work out.

  2. Hm, he is a trusted seller, so I’d go for it Plus, the box has a clean print, but be sure to google who had developed dinkie Dino vpet to be sure. eBay has a money back guarantee policy as well, so there’s little to no risk going for it!
  3. Hm, maybe hunger deleption level depends on body type like with the Tamagotchi On and Tamagotchi Meets with their favorite toy or food?”
  4. Oh-I had my boys evolve into toddlers, so for 50 generations I’ll see if low happiness will directly affect if you get the mother or father’s genes, I’ll always marry Mametchi if the tama is a girl, and Mimitchi if the tama is a boy until September ends. I will keep happiness at only one bar.
  5. The tamagotchi On (and Meets, maybe M!x?) features two different toddler types: low happiness toddler and high happiness toddler, determined upon evolution from the baby stage by low or high happiness. There is no significant difference if you have a low happiness toddler or high happiness toddler, but there IS a huge cosmetic difference. So really, you just need to feed, cure their cold, clean up poop, bathe, and cure their two sicknesses when they come up to care for the baby stage. What are your thoughts on this?
  6. I was confused when you said you connected you had a Hanerutchi connect to an Akai. I looked it up, and they’re both Ketais! Although Ketais can only breed with their specific version, they can connect with other versions in all other ways!
  7. @TamaGuyJayy Which model of the Connection is that?
  8. Here are our girls grown up: That concludes my contribution to the Mimitchi celebratory hatch log!
  9. The day is here! Here’s the log:
  10. Welcome to the start of the Mimitchi hatch log! I’ll go first: here are my twin girls, Rabbittchi and Bunnytchi!
  11. Yeah, it’s a celebration for them debuting Mimitchi in the Tamagotchi On app
  12. Ah shoot! I had included P2 originally, but I ended up forgetting to put it back in during the format change.
  13. I figured it’d be a good idea to do a hatch to celebrate Mimitchi coming to the On app! When: September 1st, 2:00 AM (PDT) till September 1st, 11:59 am (PDT) basically anytime during September 1st that Mimitchi is the guest character, you may need to convert for your timezone. For reference, PDT is 7 hours behind the Universal Standard Time. So it’d be written UTC -7. Please note that you don’t necessarily need to raise a Mimitchi or marry your tama to her, although if you can and want to, should. Also, all progress will be logged until the tamagotchi has grown up, this can include the marriage ceremony if you wish. Versions: Meets/On, P2, Anniversary M!x, Hexagontchi, Anniversary IDL, Connection V1 through V4.5,
  14. By the way, can you show us the previous generations? I’m curious
  15. I’ve never experienced it in it’s original Gameboy form, but I played it ALL the time on a website that hosted the rom for it. I even made an account just so I could use save states and not have to worry about losing the tab and losing data! Those were good times
  16. Techanically yes, but they aren’t genetic and the Fantasy’s outlines are temporary (are washed off when you bathe the tama) so you can only get them on those respective versions. Fun fact: I expected them to make a black and white version of the M!x instead of the full color counterpart to the Meets we actually got. I don’t think there’ll be any announcements for new On versions, as there’s been a new version released just last month. Reluctant to buy it though.