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    JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, Devilman Crybaby, My Hero Academia

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    Tamagotchi Ocean/Umino Tamagotchi, Tamagotchi ON (Magic Purple and Wonder Garden), Tamagotchi M!X, Giga Pets Komputer Koala, Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town Digital Friend, Tamagotchi 4U, Tamagotchi Friends, Tamagotchi Music Star, Tamagotchi Connection V5, Tamagotchi Connection V4, Tamagotchi Connection V3, Tamagotchi Connection V2 (does not work, buttons are corroded), Tamagotchi Connection V1

    Other stuff: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Gallery Figure (Guido Mista), GameStop exclusive Izuku Midoriya figurine
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  1. Happy Birthday! :D

  2. Got my Ocean running. Hopefully it doesn't die.

  3. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. if you're looking for a J-RPG that's got real time combat, then look no further. Characters are loveable and well written.
  4. Friend of mine bought me an Umino qwq It's so purple that it should have been called "Grape Purple" lol

  5. ...Your username gives me life and I am so happy because Xenoblade is my favorite game series-

    Sorry about that random status.

  6. Got a hold of a Japanese Angel on Amazon for $60. I know I overpaid, but it's so cute... qwq

  7. You Dont Know Them???






    Your Contact List Says


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      For Jabber.... Its XMPP! XMPP is the open standard for messaging and presence
      Skype That is Just......................  A Messenger Client Made by Microsoft. First Used the MSNP Protocol Then Switched to.....Azure Protocol.
  8. I'd like to see a My Hero Academia x Tamagotchi pet, in a Nano style. However idk how hard it'd be to create Nano sized sprites, but I know BanDai can do it! Plus MHA is almost nearing its 5th season so a Tamagotchi should be possible. Another idea I'd like is maybe a Pokemon x Tamagotchi, but with only Toxel? Hhhh it's based on my favorite Gen 8 Pokemon qwq
  9. Well dang, I'm stumped. XD Hmmm... A whole lineage of muscular men all with the name "JoJo".
  10. What if Deku obtained One For All, but it had some wacky side effects?