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  1. Can't believe I've been a member for almost a year! Maybe I'll celebrate by getting a 4U :P

    1. Hapihapitchi


      Congrats! BUY THE 4U!!!!! :D

  2. To get a 4U now or wait until Japan... hmm

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    2. peachygotchi


      White / Anniversary

    3. *Hayden*


      Nu, they sell them as cheap as $30 there

    4. peachygotchi


      Yeah, I kinda want one so I don't have to travel all the way to tokyo when I get there though. I found one for 4,700¥ including shipping so I'll just do that

  3. Two days and one hour until I have my interview for Japan! I'm so scared but I can't wait to make Tama Depa videos and do a review for you guys!

  4. Annnnd heres my tama meets resin process!

    1. Kayleykitty


      Great video! What's the name of the song in it?

    2. peachygotchi


      Night walk - Minna no Rhythm Tengoku!

  5. well I've got 5 days off now so i may as well test out the sparkly resin glaze on my tama, wish me luck! I'll post a link of the finished result later

  6. What can I use as a clearcoat for my tama? A thin layer of resin maybe?

    1. tamafan325


      I heard people recommending clear nail polish :D

    2. peachygotchi


      nailpolish is very acidic though :o

    3. Igel-Fullmetal


      I have seen people use Mr. Super Clear. It is made specifically for models and toys and comes in both brush-on and spray.

  7. Sorry guys this link should work better! to see the transformation

  8. Check out this transformation I just did!

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    2. The Ultimate Doomer
    3. erinea


      Me neither. Is necessary to be registered or something?

    4. peachygotchi
  9. anyone interested in buying resin faceplates? I'll be making them soon and will take requests for designs!

    1. MadamUnicorn


      Oooo...I might be. My first ever Tama-Go will be here next week.

  10. What're your guys' thoughts on custom tama-go faceplates made of resin? is it possible? Should I even try? (I don't mind giving it a shot if no one else is willing to)

    1. riss2004m


      The ones I've seen are pretty I just worry it would be just sitting on the tama rather than attatched.

    2. erinea


      It seems to be an easy process :) I want to try it

    3. peachygotchi


      I will make one and update you guys!

  11. Should I get the 4U before I go to Japan? >~/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" />

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    2. peachygotchi


      Ohh maybe I'll check that out! And yeah I usually buy my own batteries for tamas, I can try and do a translation of the app in the future if you guys want!

    3. riss2004m


      I just need a link...the ones I find say no longer available :(

    4. peachygotchi


      A link for what?

  12. Anyone else get an extreme jolt of excitement after ordering tamas? >w

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    2. BlueCheeseMonkey~


      no because I couldn't order online...

    3. erinea


      I'm even excited with my Tamagotchi Life app, so it's a huge YES! I'm waiting for a 4U to reach home and I've been jumping and screaming around since I made my order lol

      However it won't land in my country til 20 days (more or less)... I CAN'T WAIT

    4. peachygotchi


      I ordered a P's and a couple used ones the other day and I can't wait ahhhh ^w^

  13. Just ordered a P's last night :D

  14. I can't comment on your most recent post but I think a tama LINE group chat would be better! LINE is so much cuter >w

    1. clo6701


      Yes! Thats so true

  15. To get updates on my tamas and follow me on my trip to japan, follow me at or my instagram peachygotchi!

    1. TotallyTamagotchi


      Aww Japan I'm jealous lel :D

    2. Purimatchi!


      I followed you on both :D (I'm TamaMushroom)

  16. Has anyone ever been to the Tamagotchi store in Japan?? I'm going there soon so I wanna know more about it ^-^

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    2. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Good luck on your adventures in Japan! Hope you bring back some good things for your family!

    3. erinea


      Thank you for the FR!

      I'm so jelly... Please enjoy your stay and take a lot of pictures to share with us

    4. peachygotchi


      Thank you both! I'll be posting them on my tumblr if any of you are interested :D or my instagram peachygotchi! <3

  17. I wish people were more active on here :/ I want to talk to more people about tamas~

    1. Carleesi


      ever thought of joining Tama-Hatchi on FB? We share photos of our Tamas in there, talk about them, etc. ;)

    2. peachygotchi
    3. clo6701


      I was thinking of making a kik group