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  1. Meh, my mind is blank... I have no inspiration to design a spa's whole signage.

  2. Nope. I still don't understand why Nintendo made that console ^^U Do you ever refer to yourself in the third person?
  3. I'm currently running the only two Tamagotchis that I have: 4U and Friends. I tried to keep playing the Tamagotchi LIFE app too, but taking care of three tamas at the same time was driving me crazy. What's the max number of tamas that you can run at once without miss cares?
  4. Seeing that picture makes me want to fix my very old Furby. My twin sister threw it to the ground one day she was really fed up..
  5. I've been searching Animal Crossing New leaf and Starfox 3D, but I can't get them at a good price
  6. Wiiiiiii I'm so excited! C'ome on little egg! You can do it! Are you a boy or a girl? And that was how in Japan's Girls Day, Michiru (みちる) was born. It had to be a female, of course hahaha. She's more energetic than previous toddlers. Michiru can't stop jumping everywhere asking for sweets, and she usually gets all that she wants. I know, I am a too permissive mother. But Michiru is so adorable that I can not deny anything to her. Oh my, will I raise a whimy girl? Well, apparently yes. She's just a baby and already knows my weak point. New clothes, a lot of toys, renovated room... Ahh... There goes all my savings. This situation has to change, Michiru has to become a self-sufficient and profitable Tamagotchi. Thanks for reading.
  7. Pochalovelitchi is to die for! Why am I so obsessed with overfed characters?

  8. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime doesn't work either Ahhhhhgggr I will never be able to transfer new items to my tama!
  9. OMG! Now I understand what all you guys told about TF's noises...But I'm still enjoying it, The driving minigame is awesome :D

  10. I think it would be cheaper and safer if you buy it from CDJapan. I bought mine there and it came very fast and with the Rolatchi card
  11. again! Today I want to finish Ku's story log. He will not be with me anymore because he finally left the Earth, but gave me such nice memories. I still have some pics from my cyber birthday party (26!! OMG!!). Ku was the first one to congrat me, very early in the morning and even before my own family did. He called his best friends and baked me an enormous birthday cake. YUMMY! I don't know how he found out that I love fireworks. Such a lovely day, in both real and virtual life. Do you remember which hobbies does Ku have? Being a computer+music geek, indeed opened the way to become a otaku. When he seriously joined music forums and comms, he discovered a new Idol called Lovelin and instantly fell in love with her. Now Pandora's box is open, and Ku started collecting every single merchandise piece he sees for sale. (Yeah... welcome to the dark side, baby. Mommy is really proud of you! ♥) Ku has always been a fidget-bottom, so I knew we won't last together forever. In the Hinamatsuri day (March 3rd), Ku packed and left home, searching for a bright future abroad. I really enjoyed having him by my side... So cute, funny and gentle. He didn't say goodbye until he made sure I wouldn't be alone. And this is his last present: What could it be?
  12. YES! Absolutely. Do you bite your nails?
  13. I just bought a Tamagotchi Friends. I couldn't resist owning the last Tamagotchi version that we'll see in Spain.

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    2. Myiko


      Probably not, I haven't seen a single children (or adult) have/want a TF here so they are selling too well xD

    3. Myiko


      not selling*

    4. erinea


      I could not choose the color. Only lasted two aqua tamagotchis with stars pattern. I don't care, it's a cute design. I hate the BFF thingy, though.


      Woah Mykio I didn't know you actually are from Spain! :D

  14. Kuchipatchi! He is the first charcter I knew and he's totally awesome. The overfeed version is just too cute *0* Female, 18+ But Lovelitchi is also really funny and adorable