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  1. I meant to come back and report that i got it to work and everything is perfect
  2. Patches can all be removed and the tama can be set back to "factory" settings. It was not that. I just took the batteries out and put them back in and resumed and it fixed the problem. Batteries were just making it act strange for some reason, they were the ones that came with the tama But they still will not connect. Not sure why
  3. I am freaking out, everything was fine. Now the screen will not go off after 30 seconds, and the time skips and will not tell time right. Sometimes the tama runs around really fast. Also, I cannot connect it to my idl. It just does not work i have an english idl and an english patches p's I have seen people connect these successfully. Please help me. What do I do?
  4. Tama-go is so fun! Now I am running 5 at once. lol. But 4 are adults. I like to keep them adults for a while unless I don't like the character. Then I marry them off quicker

  5. Tama-go is hereeeee!!!!!

  6. To get the personalities,on TF, they have to be teenagers right?

  7. i can only ever seem to win anythng on the ice cream game. That is all i play. You actually get points.
  8. My tamagotchi nest is growing!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MadamUnicorn


      I habe a Tama-Go and an english ID L on the way to me. In addition to the 4 tamagotchi friends I already have.

    3. riss2004m


      Oooh! English. Now if you get a p's it will be super easy to understand! Many of the menus match up or are very similar. :) What color?

    4. MadamUnicorn


      Green! I am super excited! That is the color I wanted and I got a really good deal on it....I am very thankful to have been given the chance to buy one.

  9. When battery changing, do you lose all of your info?

    1. SailorRosette


      On thhe original, yes, connection + no, you don't. Select download.

    2. MadamUnicorn


      Ok anything after original then is safe. Cool, thank you

  10. Also...what game is "coin catch"? I don't see that game at all....or am i crazy?
  11. I am getting an ID L english!! Plus, like I said before, a Tama-Go with 6 figures/faceplates. I AM SO EXCITED. Meanwhile....Coffretchi times two, and my 2 boy tama friends.

    1. Kayleykitty


      How much did you get the English id l for? Most are like $100 o.o

    2. MadamUnicorn


      I got a special deal on one. I got lucky i think. LOL

  12. how do i give them a set personality? Forgive me, i am new to this. I did do some care misses....but it is hard bc I am afraid she will run away.
  13. FF version? And all of my boys have been different boys. No Mametchis though
  14. I have 4 tamagotchi friends running. I have bred some etc. In the time they have been running, I have gotten 3 girls. ALL COFFRETCHI. I tried different things, but I just don't know what to do. I want a different girl at some point.