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  1. Oh dear goodness I had a dream where I met Donald Trump and Berni Sanders in a car. Except Berni looked more like that tall guy that does CNN. I was supposed to ask each of them one question, and the only question I can remember was the one I asked Donald. It was something about the environment, and all he did was laugh and say something like, "Oh that doesn't matter." --- Weird . . .
  2. cute, though I dont understand why you specifically need a spoon to pick them up . . .
  3. uh sorry ive been busy lately. not posting a lot lately...
  4. idk my alerts say he keep responding to this, but when I look on here I don't see his reply. And I know you can't delete a post your made . . .
  5. unlimited tamas WYR have a pet fly or a pet rock.