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  1. dude wait for the tamagotchi ON itll be easier to use as its in english
  2. cant wait for bandai to announce tamagotchi connection corner shop 4 tomorrow

    1. Jhud


      I think there is a Corner Shop 4 in Japan, if only 3DS wasn't region locked I'd buy it lol

    2. Penguin-keeper


      There were quite a few Japan-only Tamagotchi titles for the 3DS ( https://www.play-asia.com/search/Tamagotchi+3DS ). I never knew! :o

  3. Bandai just tweeted this so I guess this is official!!
  4. GUYS! This is on amazon? It is called Tamagotchi On and it seems like it is a localised tamagotchi meets?? Have our prayers been answered? https://www.amazon.com/Tamagotchi-42834-On-Magic-Purple/dp/B07R18MJGM/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Tamagotchi%2BOn&qid=1557159747&s=gateway&sr=8-1&pldnSite=1&th=1 This box looks HUGE
  5. If you could get tamatown back and fully functioning, you would honestly be a god in my eyes. Your work is amazing so far! I hope it continues to go well
  6. aH MY MEETS arrived!! Connects fine with the app and my m!x I am loving it so far

  7. I can finally reply to my own topic heh I am waiting for a green magical meets! I am very excited. Looking to get a blue fairy one in March
  8. btw i ordered a meets 

    1. Hoky


      They're great! Which version did you get?

    2. DaniTamastar


      I got the magical green version :)

  9. goodnight i just impulse bought 20 cr2032 cell batteries on ebay

    1. Jhud


      Lol I did that too at some point. At first it seems like a frivolous purchase but then it's just such a lifesaver when you get that random urge to run a tama.

  10. I ordered a sanrio m!x finally. I don't know when it will arrive but I paid extra for shipping so hopefully soon
  11. caved in and ordered a sanrio m!x heh heh

  12. I wonder when we will get more meets news?

    1. Berryitchi


      IDK but I want to get one for my bestie. xD I can't tho x'P

  13. yall i just ordered a qpet

    1. kuchikid


      I read this as "you just ordered a qpet," and I was like, "What? When?"