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  1. dude wait for the tamagotchi ON itll be easier to use as its in english
  2. cant wait for bandai to announce tamagotchi connection corner shop 4 tomorrow

    1. Jhud


      I think there is a Corner Shop 4 in Japan, if only 3DS wasn't region locked I'd buy it lol

    2. Penguin-keeper


      There were quite a few Japan-only Tamagotchi titles for the 3DS ( https://www.play-asia.com/search/Tamagotchi+3DS ). I never knew! :o

  3. Bandai just tweeted this so I guess this is official!!
  4. GUYS! This is on amazon? It is called Tamagotchi On and it seems like it is a localised tamagotchi meets?? Have our prayers been answered? https://www.amazon.com/Tamagotchi-42834-On-Magic-Purple/dp/B07R18MJGM/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Tamagotchi%2BOn&qid=1557159747&s=gateway&sr=8-1&pldnSite=1&th=1 This box looks HUGE
  5. If you could get tamatown back and fully functioning, you would honestly be a god in my eyes. Your work is amazing so far! I hope it continues to go well
  6. aH MY MEETS arrived!! Connects fine with the app and my m!x I am loving it so far

  7. I can finally reply to my own topic heh I am waiting for a green magical meets! I am very excited. Looking to get a blue fairy one in March
  8. btw i ordered a meets 

    1. Hoky


      They're great! Which version did you get?

    2. DaniTamastar


      I got the magical green version :)

  9. goodnight i just impulse bought 20 cr2032 cell batteries on ebay

    1. Jhud


      Lol I did that too at some point. At first it seems like a frivolous purchase but then it's just such a lifesaver when you get that random urge to run a tama.

  10. I ordered a sanrio m!x finally. I don't know when it will arrive but I paid extra for shipping so hopefully soon
  11. caved in and ordered a sanrio m!x heh heh

  12. I wonder when we will get more meets news?

    1. Berryitchi


      IDK but I want to get one for my bestie. xD I can't tho x'P

  13. yall i just ordered a qpet

    1. kuchikid


      I read this as "you just ordered a qpet," and I was like, "What? When?"

  14. im really hyped for the meets, ill be able to get it :D

  15. Omg!!! I saranghae your log!!! I loved how you roleplayed your m!xs dying!! So original yknow rly fresh,
  16. do you think the tamagotchi 4u would connect to the blackberry keyone

    1. Jhud


      Pretty sure it doesn't, it's not on the list. Pretty sure only phones that work are the ones that have Japanese frequency NFC, while Blackberry is Canadian

  17. Okay! Lets get caught up!! Wednesday 7th February 2018 Tamagotchi m!x From February 7th - 8th I didn't take any pictures of the m!x. Nothing really happened as I did want to marry my 4U and m!x at the same time but other things happened (you will find out as you read the log!) So I kept Sunny for a couple of days and didn't do much other than basic care. Tamagotchi 4U Okay so Wendy evolved this morning! I knew exactly who she would evolve into! Tadaa~ its Pianitchi! *I thought I took a picture of her evolving but I cannot find it! Sorry!* Thursday February 8th 2018 Tamagotchi 4U Wendy was not able to learn the skills. So I woke up and there was trash anywhere! She really is my child! Friday 9th February 2018 Ah! I have a week off now! Things will be more relaxed for the next week and I hope to do more with my tamas. Tamagotchi 4U I still have to wait like another 2 days before I can marry off Wendy. So today I decided to get her clover items! Luckily for me, all her items were on the app so I didn't have to guess anything. First off was the keyboard thing! Then was the coffee from the tamacafe. *Which I don't have pictures for...where did they go?* Then was the hat! Wendy looks really cute in it! *Image Corruption-Nice * Finally, I have all the happy symbols! Wendy already had the 48Hour care one. Tamagotchi m!x Today was a big day for Sunny! She and Mametchi got really close. So we both decided that she should try and propose to him! So we went to TamaDepa and bought a ring. The train ride to Tamagotchi Town was very nerve wrecking. She greeted Mametchi and asked the big question... and he said yes!! And they were married! I am happy to see Sunny grown up! They now have a boy named RM and I cannot wait to see how his life goes! Thanks for reading! Sorry for the wait! -Shippya DaniTamaStar
  18. Sorry for not posting for a while, I have been super busy studying for tests. I will have next week off though so I will try to post then!
  19. Tuesday 6th February Hey Guys! Shippya here! Today was a pretty average day for Sunny and Wendy. So lets get underway with the log! Tamagotchi m!x I decided I wanted to change things around for Sunny so I decided to renovate her room! I went for the flower background so I could unlock the flower location! Shortly after they renovated Sunny's room, flowers suddenly started to surround Sunny! The flowers took her to Flower Hills! So a new location has been unlocked While at flower hills, Sunny met Flowertchi! To end the day, Sunny decided to head on over to Tamagotchi Town and meet her friend Mametchi Love is in the air maybe?~ Tamagotchi 10 Generation Challenge! Tamagotchi 4U To evolve Wendy into the character I want I had to beam over this item: And have Wendy play with it 3 times! Wendy seemed really happy when I bought it for her~ Here she is writing a song about her friends perhaps? Anyway, that is all that happened with my 4U today! So that ends today's post! Thank you for reading! -Shippya DaniTamaStar
  20. Monday 5th February 2018 Hey Guys! Shippya (DaniTamaStar) here! A lot has happened since I left you yesterday. So lets get started with todays post! Tamagotchi m!x When my m!x pet woke up this morning, I heard the familiar evolution beep! She was evolving! I must have done really well this first time because I got a perfect care Lovelitchi! Ta daa!!~ I think to make this log easier I am going to name her! I am really liking the name Sunny! So from now on this Lovelitchi is going to be called Sunny! I realized that she is now an adult so I took her outside and an animation played! Patchi Forest has now been unlocked! I had to scramble to get my phone to snap pictures for the log but in the end I only managed to get one Sorry for the really bad quality guys! Anyway I immediately knew where I wanted to go as this wasn't my first time running a m!x. I wanted to take my chances and see if i could win any coins! So I went to the weird sand place(???) and this small lil character immediately started to bury Sunny. In the end it found 1000G so we were both happy in the end! If anyone could let me know what the ladybug character(??? im so sorry) is actually called that would be wonderful! Anyway! That is pretty much all that happened today! M!xs don't really have any tamatomo items but I think I will keep Sunny for a couple more days. Maybe I will marry Sunny the same time as I marry the 4U. So next gen they can grow up together. 10 Generations Challenge! Tamagotchi 4U Okay so not much really happened with the 4U today. I had to leave it with the babysitter today as I had school. Anyway, yesterday right before she went to bed, she evolved into Pannacotchi! Tonight, I will try to get the skill events so she can learn them. Tomorrow I also want her to use the items I beamed over so she can evolve into the character I want. However, I want that to be a surprise. I have decided to name her Wendy (after my bias from Red Velvet) Anyway, that is all for now. See you all in the next post! -Shippya DaniTamaStar
  21. Thanks for replying pinkbutterflies! Yeah I have a 4U. Actually I have two! A blue one and a white one.
  22. If you play Mario Kart 7 online, everyone you play with will show up in your plaza. You can get a full looking plaza by only playing a couple of races.
  23. Continued, 4th February 2018 Hey Guys! So about the whole changing tamas thing... yeah uh. I have decided to switch out the Blue iD for a White 4U. I know! I suck at this! But I have a good reason. The 10 gen challenge has started on the discord server! So I entered my white 4U. I have a phone that works with the 4U so i can beam a different character for each generation. 10 gens is the goal! So hopefully, if things go to plan, i should be running this 4U for a while heh. I have taken pictures of the hatching process so lets go! Withdrawn: Blue iD replaced with White 4U Tamagotchi 10 Generation Challenge! Tamagotchi 4U Okay so I took the batteries out the iD and put them in the 4U I pressed resume to see what character I had last: it was the Maisutachi from my last log (Memories, painful memories) so I decided to reset it. So here we go! So i put in my name as Dan with swirls on both ends because why not And i got greeted with an egg! After a while it hatched and I got a girl! I will update on what toddler she evolved into on my next post! Thanks for reading the update! -Shippya DaniTamaStar