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    My name is Victoria and I love video games! Tamagotchi puts me in a more casual and relaxed area in games.

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    Connection Version 4.5
  1. How popular are Tamagotchis in Japan, anyways? Since Japan is a place where theres high tech, I wonder if the kids in this generation there has moved on, or are still rockin' the Tama P's or something.
  2. I was born in 1999 and for me the craze of Tamagotchi only happened in my Chinese School I was attending to... In fact I remember bawling as a 7 year old because everyone accused me in stealing this one girl's v3-4, and questioning me on how much a Tamagotchi costed.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, for the P's, the borders can be earned with pierces and puzzles. On the 4u, can you only earn borders through puzzles? Also once you earn them how do you change them?
  4. Waiting so impatiently for the 4u!!

    1. Ebochan


      Omg, me too! I feel like it will never arrive!!

    2. erinea


      You'll enjoy it, it's awesome! Btw, do you have a compatible NFC device?