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  1. I looked up the Nekotcha, but that doesn't look familiar at all. I'm from America, and the Nano Kitty shell in my memory matches the ones shown here: Maybe it really was a Nano Kitty, and maybe I didn't play with it long enough to see it grow up so the later stages don't look familiar for that reason? I'm glad to know I wasn't wrong about the birthday cake for the Nano.
  2. Back in 2nd or 3rd grade I had a kitty pet, and for some random reason I can't remember I decided I didn't like it and gave it away. I immediately regretted it, but the girl would not return it and taunted me for wanting it back. Ever since then I have been unable to find it again. I have believed all this time that it was a Nano Kitty in the original clear shell type, specifically the purpley-pink color with the blue buttons, but any time I have looked up the Nano Kitty the actual pet looks wrong. I had the Giga Pet Compu Kitty as well, so it's possible that I am confusing the two. I remembered it being a delicate looking tiny kitty that looked a little like this: but the starting kitten for Nano Kitty doesn't look right to me. The only thing I recall about this kitty pet is that every morning it had a birthday, and I believe it had a little cupcake on screen to celebrate it. If any of you could help me remember this lost kitty I would be grateful! Thank you!