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  1. I tried it out with my spare one; nanamoons save progress while a working battery is in the device. If the battery is removed (or goes dead) progress only saves for 20seconds. It is enough time to change a dying battery for a new one. & When the battery is dying, the pixels/screen become very feint so its easy to tell. Mine is a toddler at the moment (same male toddler in your photo). I'm looking forward to seeing which character you get next!
  2. I love this thread, I have just started playing mine again today! I've not run it in a long time, and didn't get that far before (gen 2). I seem to remember it was hit or miss whether it saved your data; I believe if the batteries die it saves the data for 10/20seconds (enough time to put a fresh battery in, keep spare ones on standby!), but if working batteries are left in, it will always have the download/reset option & you can pause it like this if you don't want to use the school option. I'm starting to keep track of what I am doing with mine this time, and aiming to unlock everything. Hopefully I can help in gathering info. Melissa's guide is super helpful too! Looking forward to following your runs of this! (Are you on instagram?)
  3. Did you turn your town into the flower type by playing with toys from the flower location or use the flower wallpaper? I did 8 care misses and got spaceytchi but didnt play with any toys and left the wallpaper as the standard free one
  4. The P's can only be patched by infared, not nfc (and the nfc for tamagotchi 4u/4u+ isn't compatible with all nfc phones. I use my nexus 7 2013 version 2 for nfc. Mr.Blinky has a list somewhere of phones that are compatible). You can get old phones with infared or infared dongles that transfer patches/loads of downloadable content. Even without the english patch it is still easy to figure out/learn, and even without the downloads it still got the most built in content and characters; I really enjoy the P's. The mix doesn't have nfc, and uses different infared to other tamas. Plus you can't get downloads unless you live in Japan or know someone there that will do it for you. And there is no english patch. The mix is fun for seeing how they will turn out, but is limited in content. Hope that helps a bit!
  5. I've never known tamas to go boy girl boy girl depending on odd or even generations, they've always been random for me
  6. I've also had this happen, and between other versions. I've never found a way to get the lost items back
  7. When the fire alarm goes off at college, and the first thing you grab instinctively is your bag, cause two tamas are in there and you can't leave them behind! (This happened yesterday)
  8. Yes this is normal, it will turn the light on itself and stay asleep, then wake up itself a bit later
  9. I'm not sure whether it does actually make a difference but every time I paused mine and changed the clock time it did die. When I paused it and didn't change the clock time I managed to get an adult. This might have been coincidence?
  10. It should remove. I have the dp patch, and as long as I don't have a character from the vdp in use, I can switch between my actual pierces and the vdps. If I have a P's built in character, and fancy changing backgrounds and banners, I can switch my vdps and pierces about whenever. I don't know whether changing the batteries and selecting 'download' will help at all?
  11. I still play a lot with my vintages, connections and (not so much) friends. I prefer the simpleness and actually caring for a pet factor, and normally have a mixture of tamas running to get the best of both worlds!
  12. I have one of these angel watches, they are just normal watches. Trouble is, the batteries don't work and the backs don't come off; unless you take it to a watch place
  13. Oh and the change pierces changes existing characters to others, for example the sanrio pierce changes mametchi into a mix of hello kitty and mametchi. The character pierces give you new characters like kuromametchi. And you will need an old irda phone to transfer files to the p's, look at the old nokias and palm treos
  14. Read all the read me files on mr blinkys website with the english patches, it will tell you how to find out what firmware version yours is. And read it all anyway cause you don't want your p's to stop working.