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  1. Ayo I’m backkkkkkk. It’s been more than like, 3 years since I was last seriously active. I joined in 2015? Woah, that’s so long ago. I cringe so much when I read the About Me that I wrote about myself when I was 11 but I cant bear to change anything for nostalgia’s sake. What’s been up homies?

  2. *Sighs* My TT BFF is inactive... Guess I'll have to wait for her then..

  3. Back when I first joined, you needed to post 6 times or more to get to the first as a top poster.

    1. psychotama


      I remember when it was like 30-40 ;) haha

    2. sourcasm
  4. Did you make any modifications to the tama?
  5. I play Flight Rising too! My username is LoveSoraTchi there, I have about 60 permanent dragons there. My favorite dragons are Faes and Coatls, 2 very different species! My favorite dragon is Snowblind~
  6. Heya~ I'm back! Anyone missed me?

    1. Hapihapitchi


      Me! Omg welcome back <3

  7. *Sighs* So lonely here nowadays... Where's everyone gone?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Melonitchi


      People also use the Facebook groups because it's easier

    3. Igel-Fullmetal


      there will be more people as soon as bandai releases something that isn't another version of the M!X.

    4. MarshyMellow


      Hiya. I'm not on here as much because I'm not really into tamas anymore. ^^;

  8. Hiya! I'm back. This year will be super busy, so I won't be around for a bit,.

  9. For me it is Flight Rising! I think it had an ad here until recently.
  10. Hey everyone! Has anything changed since i last came here?