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    With Leafstar in Starclan
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    Warriors Cats, Tamagotchis, Ghibli movies and tamagotchi fanfics.

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    ~ Tamagotchi Friends Purple Jewelry design
    ~ Tamagotchi Friends blue friendship star design
    ~ 2 Tamagotchi Friends limited edition landyard
    ~ 2 Tamagotchi P's White
    ~ Lovelitchi Plushie
    ~ Lovesoratchi Plushie
    ~ Yumekyantchi Plushie
    ~ 4 Limited edition Lovelitchi and Lovesoratchi Christmas colouring papers
    ~ 2 Extra tamagotchi pierce packets
    ~ Tamadepa members' card
    ~ Clulutchi and Miraitchi Berry Juice Carton Zip Container
    ~ 2 fake tamagotchi connections.
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    Tamagotchi P's
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    The Kira Kira Girls, Mametchi, Yumecantchi, Lovelitchi, Raitotchi
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    None at the moment, school really ate me up. :(

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    http:// Utter Ran Lane?
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    Well, is talking nonsense Jabbering?
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    I'm not gonna give away my identity that easily!

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  1. Back when I first joined, you needed to post 6 times or more to get to the first as a top poster.

    1. psychotama


      I remember when it was like 30-40 ;) haha

    2. sourcasm