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    With Leafstar in Starclan
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    Warriors Cats, Tamagotchis, Ghibli movies and tamagotchi fanfics.

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    ~ Tamagotchi Friends Purple Jewelry design
    ~ Tamagotchi Friends blue friendship star design
    ~ 2 Tamagotchi Friends limited edition landyard
    ~ 2 Tamagotchi P's White
    ~ Lovelitchi Plushie
    ~ Lovesoratchi Plushie
    ~ Yumekyantchi Plushie
    ~ 4 Limited edition Lovelitchi and Lovesoratchi Christmas colouring papers
    ~ 2 Extra tamagotchi pierce packets
    ~ Tamadepa members' card
    ~ Clulutchi and Miraitchi Berry Juice Carton Zip Container
    ~ 2 fake tamagotchi connections.
  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    Tamagotchi P's
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    The Kira Kira Girls, Mametchi, Yumecantchi, Lovelitchi, Raitotchi
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    None at the moment, school really ate me up. :(

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    http:// Utter Ran Lane?
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    Well, is talking nonsense Jabbering?
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    I'm not gonna give away my identity that easily!

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About Me

Hi! My name is Yumecantchi000! Right now I only have two Tamagotchi Friends and two tamagotchi p. I love Ghibli movies so I guess I'm sort of a Ghibli mania. :P I'm obsessed with Japan. I mean, who wouldn't like a thing or two about Japan? :D I'm a warrior cat fan and I made/ making lots of fanfics. You can call me Yume. Or Dawnstar, imaginary leader of Skyclan. I can't use tamatalk as often as usual, because of important matters.


Please comment on my log so that I can improve on it. :) This is my log...



I have an old log. It's no longer in use but here's the link...



I like playing...

- Dragon Friends: Green Witch ( My Nickname is starspirit) Oh, but I'm not playing it now. You can visit me anytime, however!

- GeoChallenge

- Animal Jam ( My username is Lola20054)

- Moshi Monsters ( My username is blackhollyandhopfoot )

- Neopets, but my account was locked dure to inactivity... :( (My username is blackhollyandhopfooot)

- Happy Pet Story (My pet's name is Kasumi~ and my ID is 996EC)

- Pokémon Go.

- Flight Rising. Link to my Clan Profile: http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&tab=userpage&id=268038

Link to my Dragon Lair: http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&id=268038

My favourite books are...

- The Last Wild

- The Dark Wild

- Warriors

Here's my wishlist..

> Tamagotchi Idl

> All the tamagotchi pierces

> Two tamagotchi connections


Almost forgot, if you need to contact me urgently, I can give you my email address, but I can't guarantee that I'll answer quickly (or even answer at all).

Please view my dragons! Here is my dragon cave scroll!


That's all. See ya around!