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  1. Hello there. It's been three years since I last posted on this forum. My undying love for tamas has won me over once again, so I guess I'm back. Just like Smash Mouth's "Believer", I re-believed in my 4U+ when I looked at the baby chara bouncing around. The faceplate is badly scratched underneath, but I'm trying to fix that by getting myself a brand new handmade resin faceplate (with glitter of course, without glitter it isn't fun) for 15 NZ$ which is around 35 zł where I live (Poland) and shipping is another 5 nz$ so I paid 50 polish zlotys for it straight from my frozen bank acc which was reborn today. I was in debt for 38pln but luckily mom gave me 100pln so I had 68pln in the end (oh how happily I ran my errands today) and deciced on an apple pie themed faceplate and ordered it. Might take a week or two to come by mail. Muffie is at teenager stage awaiting evolution and she already wears a green afro wig. I cheated yesterday and reset time to train her to go poop in the bathroom and wash herself and brush her teeth on her own. No more poop on the screen, yay! When I get more money I'll shop on Etsy for crochet cases with charm holes and front flaps. I don't need cutesy bunny ears or something, just a nice well made case made of non-slipping wool. I remember losing my first color tama to a toilet... :'< def not gonna let that happen again. A while ago I lost a cigarette lighter to a toilet, hope it won't block the water flow. Chances of me getting a dream mix are shrinking like pupils (parts of eyes) in bright light. Once again I chose something cheaper. Should've chosen a dream mix instead of a Casio G-shock watch. In my own defense, the watch was long awaited and too beautiful not to order.
  2. This October I'm promised a dream Mix in purple. So excited! ^_^

  3. Day ??? Didn't have much time lately. Also, Rukia has died of neglect. Stuff happens. Yesterday Reila was born. She's been evolving the exact same way Rukia did. I sorta wish for her and my V3 chara (named Ruki) to grow old together and marry as oldies, but I also hope for a Hanogatatchi. name : Reila gen: girl hungry5\5 happy4\5 training : 4 bars funny 8 gorgeous 40 spiritual 10 1y 66lb 840gp
  4. Day 2 Woke up to sick Rukia with a delivered fortune letter, a gift from the Tamagotchi King and a job letter. A new generation on my v3 was born and it was a boy. Since there is a Rukia, there has to be a Ruki. So Ruki is his namae. (namae is 'name' in Japanese) Rukia got a job in which she has to jump on a trampoline and grab balloons.
  5. I suppose v1 and v2 are the simplest versions but as much as simple the more difficult they are. I've heard the v4 is more difficult than v4.5 but I don't know if v3 is more difficult than v4. I know v5 seems to be easy to the point it got too boring to me. v6 seems to be the hardest to me and I believe v5.5 is as difficult as the v5. What do you guys think?
  6. sigh... Rukia has a job but it's a difficult v4.5 game to play, she has to catch balloons from a trampoline and I can hardly get some points out of it... :< I wanna marry my v3 boy off to Rukia but he was born today. or should I make them both oldies just to get Oyajitchi since I've never had one on any version I've had (v3, v4, v4.5)...
  7. This tama came to me by mail on 28.09.17 (a day right before my birtday ) Name: Rukia Age: 3 days Stats: Hungry 4/5 Happy 5\5 Training: 6/9 Happy 14| Gorgeous 49 |Spiritual 47| Weight 51 lb Gen. 1 211 GP Shirotsubutchi - Tamatchi - Ura Young Memetchi - Purimatchi
  8. Hoorray!!! I got my first v4.5 in the tama-mail today!

    1. sofee123


      Nice! V4.5s are awesome!

  9. I received tama-mail with my black v4.5 inside and I am running it as of now. I need to know, are there other times than in v3 for when shop restocks?
  10. Happy new year 2017 fellow artichokes! :D

  11. im kinda sad cuz i got my new 4u plus 2 days ago and nobody to show it to//

    1. Hapihapitchi


      You're not alone! I got my new 4U yesterday!

  12. My Polish HTC Desire 825 works with my 4U+, sends downloads just perfectly although it's not in the list for the working phones. however, it's listed on app-only. just saying
  13. Well, in order to complete the Mix you also need at least 2 of them. I used to adore the P's last year, but it didn't last long. 3 months and the fun was over, it started getting repetitive and boring. I'm running my pre-Halloween gift - my Mix now and at some points I thought I'd never get bored, although other moments got me convinced I have nothing left to do with this tama but taking care and the most exciting thing to do was picking a perfect partner for my character. I have lost the magic of P's for myself by now. But it's all up to you. I suggest trying the Mix first as it's cheaper and easier to get used cuz the functions aren't overcrowding it. I have to try the 4u+ which I will be getting in 4 days to figure out what was the entire "fad" about, and you need to figure it out yourself. But as I said, get a Mix first while they're cheap
  14. Traditionally my pink spacy M!X and from Dec 16th my 4u+ will arrive so I guess both of them.
  15. The GazettE - 13stairs (-) 1 the guitars... I can feel the guitars pulling the strings of my soul... *~*