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  1. finally back after a long break because it was getting a little expensive for me to get a color tama. Hopefully I will just break down and spend the $100 to get back into it

  2. So yes! I finally got around to doing this and I thought I would kick things off with my brand new 20th anniversary Tamagotchi M!X as it is the only one I have batteries for! I will try to keep a schedule for this but it has to fit in with all my work lol! and if you could help me with names since I have not learned all the names of the tama's T.T forgive me! 20Th Anniversary Tamagotchi M!X Name: Kin Stage Name: Dont know guys...Help me T.T The adventure starts with a cute baby kin! New born and cute! and always making a mess XD. and decided that he would take a nap in the middle of the day! Later on he grew up on me! T.T they grow up so fast (lol) He then decided to go out of the house and see what was happening. that a egg?.... And look at that it hatched! For the most part he spent the day in the house, eating, playing and making a mess of the house (^-^) before finally falling asleep for the night looking all the more adorable.