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  1. hey so... I have the tamagotchi angel app on my iphone, I wish I could get it on my ipad but whenever I enter into the account where I got the app on my iphone from I can't find it on the "purchases" tab, which is weird because I can even find flappy bird??? is there any way I can get it? I really want it...
  2. My umino is13 yrs old and it hasn't evolved into a teen yet how much time left do I have to wait?
  3. Hi, I recently got mine fixed you just need to rub the button contacts with a cloth with some alcohol on it and it'll be like brand new
  4. hi I got a brand new tamagotchi ocean a couple of months ago. i played with it a little time, then i kept it in it's package for some time because it's extreamely hard lol but when i got it out i found that now i need to push the buttons very hard in order to get them to work... has this happened to anyone? what can I do to fix it? I really like the ocean and I don't want to order a new one...
  5. I just got my tamagotchi ocean. The polar bear has come to visit my tama 3 times. The first time I just hit the tamagotchi case slightly and it went away. The other two times, I hit the case but it didn't go away. I know there is another option (going through the icons and scare it away) but I was wondering if is there any other physical way to scare the polar bear away? can I just tap the screen (does it work?)? is there any video-guide on how to scare it? please, help me, I'm kind of lost.
  6. Hi. I just put batteries on my tamagotchi v4 and I have this question. When the tamagotchi is a teenager, do the 3 remaining games (shape, dance, flag) appear? I have this questions since I'm wondering how can I get the adult character I want because there doesn't seem to be any other way to get specific skill points. Sorry, I know it's a dumb question, I haven't use a v4 in ages. Thank you for reading.
  7. Hi. It was 3 am and I saw my tamagotchi ps holding a suitcase, then I went to the clover icon and my tamagotchi went outside, and many puzzle pieces made a Japanese word, what does it mean?
  8. Hi, this image has appeared several times on my tamagotchi p's tho I check the scale icon and there's nothing wrong. Guides don't explain why this happens or what should I do, does somebody kno?
  9. I had a very long break from tamas, my last one was a jinsei! My p's came here 3 days ago and I can honestly say it's really fun! Much built in content and much to do to accomplish the game goal, and also, you can download an english patch which will traduce your tamagotchi from Japanese to english almost completely! I currently don't own a compatible IR device so I haven't patched it yet and it's a lil difficult to understand it as I need to have a guide opened in my browser tabs so I don't mess up and end up doing silly things like marrying my tamagotchi as soon as it becomes an adult (Which I did) so it will be harder for you to understand a 4U because there currently are not any patches available for it and also you would need a nexus 7 in order to patch it.. P's have more characters and the teenager stage which was omitted in the 4U.. and I personally prefer the design of the 4U because I think pastel colors are adorable and fell in love with them, I also thought 4U anniversary version looks beautiful and I was tempted to buy it but I read that they can be really boring as they are designed for very busy women... so I say go for a p's hoped I helped you.
  10. Thank you! Also... can somebody give me a proper guide for the tamagotchi P's? I'm confused about the puzzle pieces, tama tomos, destinations... last tama I had was a v4/jinsei and this has many cool features I don't know and I don't understand the whole game purpose thank you!!
  11. Hi, I finally got my tamagotchi p's yesterday, I've been going to the park because I want to get a pet, I'm after a pet I've researched and it's available to be kept, but it doesn't give me that option, do I have to wait until my tamagotchi is an adult to keep the pet? Also... could somebody hand me some links of the best guides for the tamagotchi ps in english? At this moment I'm not able to patch it... please thank you
  12. Hi. I want an english version of a colored screen tamagotchi. I want to know opinions, which one is the newest english version release? which one is your favorite (and why)? and what are the differences between them. Thank you
  13. Oh thanks a lot! this was very helpful!