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  1. 7/7/2015 at 9:43 PM: A pretty big update today! First off, I debugged my mute Tama. This tama will be used for experimenting and just random play. Azule was reset, and renamed Azure. Azule passed away when I slept in too long. Rest in Pixels, Azule. <3 Azure is now a Mizutamatchi, has two training bars, and is 12 pounds. She is 0 years old. Tessa and Takeo have been on pause. I have played with them a little, but only to take pictures, and to play a few games here and there. But I'll be letting them off pause here very soon. I'll be very sad when they go... And now some really exciting news! I recently ordered Ginjirotchi bean bag plush off Ebay! He looks super cute! Ginjirotchi is one of my favorite characters, so I'm pretty excited to have a plush of him. I am currently saving up to purchase a P1, and when I do purchase one, it will be added to the log. Later I will try to get a P2, I just really prefer the P1. I'll be back with an update soon!
  2. 7/3/2015 at 9:57 PM: Hey everyone! So, I have a little update for you all. First of all, Milo was reset. I reset him because of the overwhelming amount of boy tamas I had on my hands! LOL. I seem to always gets boys on tamagotchis. I am now raising a Young Mametchi by the name of Azule. I've been brainstorming names for the boys. I think I have my mind set on one of them, but I need another name. I've had Takeo and Tessa on pause so I could spend a little more time with them later. I unpaused them tonight and took pictures. I also played a few games with them. I connected them tonight, and Takeo was pretty mean to Tessa. He sent her an empty present, which made her pretty upset. The babies are thriving (and pooping too much! LOL). So, tomorrow is the 4th of July. I'm so scared... I have to go to my boyfriend's house, and he has a HUGE family... Every one is going to be there... I grew up with a rather small family, and I currently only live with my mother, so it's quiet and peaceful at my house. But at his, it's so loud and crazy... I'm a really timid person, so being around all of them at once can give me anxiety attack sometimes... And I hate eating in front of people, but I'm going to have to... I'm so worried. I might take a tama with me so I can stay calm. But I don't know which one to take. I think I'll take some sleeping medicine tonight so I won't be awake all night worrying. I hope you all have a fabulous 4th, and I hope you have fun watching some really cool fireworks! I'll check in with you all tomorrow. P.S. It's going to take me a while to upload all the pictures and videos. I apologize for taking so long.
  3. 7/1/2015 at 2:15 PM: HUGE news, you guys! Tessa has given birth to two baby boys!! Just now! I wasn't expecting it, so sadly, I didn't manage to catch everything on video. But I caught the fireworks and the birth! I will be posting it to YouTube so you all can see it. I'm extremely proud of both of my tamas. I know they'll be great parents. I will miss them greatly when they have to leave... But I will always remember them as the best tamas ever. <3 I will be posting pictures tonight! See you guys real soon!
  4. 7/1/2015 at 1:02 AM: Good morning to all. Today was such a good day. The tamas are thriving. Takeo and Tessa are doing great, and Tommy and Milo are growing pretty fast! Tommy is a Tamatchi, and Milo is a Mizutamatchi! I recently subscribed to Apple Music (A new app launched by Apple). It's heavily inspired by Pandora, and it is by far the best music app I've ever had. Today, I was having a jam-out session to my metal and rock tunes. Takeo seemed to be in the same spirit as me, because he was singing all day today! I'm sure my neighbors hate me... Sorry downstairs neighbors! On a little personal side-note, I've been feeling SO much better...Almost all my depression has slipped away, and I'm finally able to smile and have fun like I used to a LONG time ago. I would like to say my tamagotchis are a part of that. They make me feel like a little kid again... I love this feeling. I hope it continues for a very long time... Anyways, I better be heading to bed. My eyelids are growing a bit heavy. I'll update you all tomorrow. <3 Sleep well, everyone. -Keegan
  5. 6/30/2015 at 11:30 AM: Hello again! I bring good news! I went to Walmart this morning and picked up some fresh batteries. I ended up getting two 2-Packs because they were out of 4-packs. Right now, I'm eating lunch (chinese! Mmmm..), so I haven't had much time to play with the tamas yet. I played with Milo a little this morning, and Tessa and Takeo connected a few times. Right after I'm done with lunch, I'll replace Tommy's battery and get him started. I'll be back soon with another update!
  6. 6/29/2015 at 10:38 PM: Hey guys! Back with another happy update! I didn't go to Walmart today because I managed to find a spare CR 2032 in my toolbox. And RIGHT as I found that spare, one of Lexie's tamas ran out of juice. So I still need to go to Walmart. I'll probably pick up 2 4-packs so I'm stocked up. Nick (my boyfriend) was happy to hear about my tamas again. I have a feeling Tessa is his favorite. I decided that Takeo deserved the spare battery. He'd been on pause for quite some time, and he deserved to be played with again. Tessa and Takeo are still head over heels for eachother. I tried breeding them tonight, but I don't think they're ready to have babies, because they didn't want to mate. That's completely fine by me, because I love them so much. It's going to be a sad day when they go. As for picture updates, I will bring them soon. And in additional news: I will be creating a YouTube channel dedicated to my tamas! I will make videos for my log, and other tama-related videos. I'll make a morning update tomorrow. Goodnight everyone! ~Keegan
  7. I'm happy to say that I am back on TamaTalk again. :)

  8. 6/29/2015 at 12:10 PM: Hello again, TamaTalkers! It's Keegan here... I want to make an apology to you all for my inactivity on TamaTalk. I was having some really tough issues that I needed time to work out. A lot of things have changed in these past few months. Tessa and Takeo remain paused, but Takeo's battery is dead, so I'll try running to Walmart tonight to pick up a few packs of batteries for him. Lexie left her Tamagotchis with me when she moved away, because she felt she wouldn't have the time to take care of them. So they are in my hands now. The reason I decided to pick back up on them today is because I had a dream about tamas last night. I was playing with my new blue tama (I got it late April, it's still in package!). It was so fun, and when I woke up, I immediately picked up Lexie's tamas and started playing with them. Her tamas passed away when she gave them to me, so they're brand new baby boys right now. Their names are Tommy and Milo. Now that I'm back on TamaTalk, I hope to be giving plenty of more updates! I might even make a few YouTube videos to keep you guys up to speed! It's so nice to be back here. I appreciate all of your support. I'll update you guys tonight! ~Keegie <3
  9. 4/22/2015 at 9:15 PM: Hello everyone! It's been a pretty uneventful day today. Nothing big has happened...But, I did play with my tamas! So today, I bought Takeo a new bow tie, and it looks adorable on him. ^^ And I played lots of games with Tessa to get more GP, but there was nothing really good in the store. I connected them today, and they watched the sunset together. I've been trying to draw pictures of them, but I have little to NO artistic skill! Haha. Oh well, I'll still show you guys when I'm finished with them. There's no shame in trying. I've been having horrible allergies lately. Non-stop sneezing, and red eyes. I think I might actually be allergic to my cat (Mow-Mow). *sigh* And I've been so emotional. After receiving the news a few days ago, both my mother and I will suddenly cry for no reason. My mother cried to me this morning, and I called her while she was at work today, and I was trying not to cry, but once someone knows you're getting ready to unleash the waterworks, it's almost impossible to hold it back. Anyways, I have some news. I'm going to be enrolled into public school again, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared out of my mind. I'm pretty shy in real life, and I'm sure I'll be hiding in the corner of the classrooms for weeks, making a fool of myself. And not only that, but I'm also thinking about getting a job at a local grocery store that recently opened up near our apartment complex. It would be nice to do something other than watching children around the neighborhood...^^' So, that being said, I might have limited time with tamagotchis here soon. But I can guarantee you that I WILL bring them to school. Haha. So, in conclusion to today's log entry, I'm so sorry I haven't been posting as often as I used to. Life is starting to get bumpy again, and I'm trying to ride it out. Please hang in there, and bear with me through these couple of weeks or so! I'm not going to leave anytime soon, and I will be updating at least once every day (and this time, I'll actually have stuff to say! LOL). I want to thank you all for being so kind to me, and being so supportive of my logging. I appreciate it a lot, you guys. Until next time, see you around. - Keegan.
  10. That awkward moment where you're on the phone, and your phone dies, but you don't notice so you keep talking, and you sadly realize you talked to no one for 30 minutes...

  11. Happy Earth Day, everyone!

  12. Thank you so much, Watashiwatchi! I'm excited to bring more updates for you all! In fact, I'll update in a few hours, because I have to watch Lexie today, and I'm sure we'll be playing with tamas! See you guys very soon!
  13. Oh my gosh, yes. Tessa X Takeo. Come on people, let's get this thing on wheels: art, fanfiction, ship stamps, COME ON! But in all seriousness, I'm so glad you ship them as hard as I do.
  14. 4/21/2015 at 7:30 PM: Good evening! So, I know it's weird, but I haven't been playing with my tamas. *GASP* "Why?!", you may ask in surprise, but don't worry. I still have COMPLETE interest in tamagotchis! I just don't want my tamas to leave me yet. I thought I would pause them, and play with them for short amounts each day, so I can have them longer than usual! It's going to break my heart when they leave someday... I had to tamasit Gizmo today. I watch him on school days, since Lexie has to attend elementary. He evolved early in the morning into Pyonkotchi! I was worried she would be disappointed, since she really wanted another character, but she was still extremely happy! On an additional note, I just purchased Lexie a used Tama V3 she's been looking at on eBay. It's blue with waves. She's so excited to start playing with it. And I've made a bid on a tamagotchi V3 on eBay as well. So, who knows, there might be an addition to the log soon! During the short time that I played with my tamas today, I bought Takeo some work out weights. He doesn't seem to like them all that much...They fatigue him pretty quickly. Tessa has been pretty calm today. She hardly needed anything. I bought her some bananas at the shop, which she loved. I'll keep you all updated! Until next time, Goodnight!
  15. 4/20/2015 at 8:44 PM: Hello everyone! Today, I don't have any updates on the tamagotchis. I received very tragic news today, and I had to take a day to relax and think about other things. However, I do have pictures!! Tessa shows off in her bow, and Takeo bobs his head to some tunes. Takeo and Tessa share a tender moment under the stars. Takeo: "Tessa?" Tessa: "Yes?" Takeo: "Mm...Do you remember when we were younger, and we would count the stars until we fell asleep?" Tessa: "Mhmm, as if it were yesterday... Why do you ask?" Takeo: "I finally know how many are out there. Countless, and for every star that shines, there is a reason why I love you." Goodnight everyone!