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  1. No need to mourn, it's an amazing change. Got full time and am able to afford a place of my own, but probably won't have Internet come page 100.
  2. To be fair, with the big change in my life I may end up missing page 100...
  3. White Chocolate Macademia/Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk
  4. I'll tell you what if this thread reaches page 100 I will divulge, but not play 'The Move'
  5. You're getting dangerously close to figuring it out...
  6. Don't worry I like this game to much to make that move But if I could figure it out, eventually someone else will, and on that day we all shall learn just how powerful of a play it truly was.
  7. I've come to realize there is a winning move in this particular game, yet I dare not use it because this game is fun. There is a winning move but I hope another doesn't realize it.
  8. We had unlocked Capoeira and Robotron Z (if memory serves). My main was Heat, my sister's main was Shorty and my Step-Sister's main was Frida. Of course we all knew that the real MVP was Shorty's pet mouse Columbo that would jump out and dance along after Shorty's ultimate combo (I think that was how it worked)
  9. Oh Snap, I haven't thought of Bust a Groove in like 15yrs. Such an underated Rythm game (Bust a Groove 2 is also pretty solid)
  10. Peoples, y'all are forgetting the ultimate wild-card in this game. Me.