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  1. Based on the instruction manual, this thing seems to be ripping off the Digivice iC x10-x20
  2. I may join in with my V2, it's the only pink shell I have
  3. The Skeleton Wars are here. Don't try to run, there is already on inside of you
  4. Wow this is still going strong. I am impressed. I'm not in this to win, but keep it people
  5. *removed by self due to double post* (couldn't figure out how to delete it, feel free admins )
  6. A Spaceman Came Traveling - Chris de Burgh (from Spanish Train)
  7. TIL that if you keep a V3 on the naming screen for 5 days it'll count toward the age. I have a 5yr baby

    1. Nazotchi25


      Ahh yes I remember finding that out by accident a long time ago. I got it taken away from me for not doign school work but luckily it wasn't named yet, so it sat in my mother's dresser for about two weeks. I was so surprised to see it still aged!

  8. Unfortunatly for one reason or another I can't seem to email the pic to myself. But I can describe it. It is White with Three "ends" total. (Kind of looks like the start of a Family Tree) The top part has a little "nub" that looks like it would fit somewhere on the Microchip, but I couldn't find the spot to put it. Sorry for lack of pic. Hope that vague description works, I know it's not the best but it is the best I could do.
  9. So I recently aqcuired a 90's tama and the buttons didn't work. I opened it up and cleaned the connections and now they work fine... but there was this little piece of white plastic that I can't for the life of me figure out where it goes or what it is for. It doesn't seem to impact its function, but I don't want problems down the road. Thanks for the help. Oh also if this is in the wrong section Mods, feel free to move it accordingly
  10. Cograts Rory on getting Godzilla. I wish Summer was still alive as she became a Makora as well... Oh well work happens
  11. Summer is dead, it happened at work yesterday. It was busy and I forget to check her...
  12. Summer is doing fine with day light saving time today I thought I messed up the age counter but with Rory's also being 6 I can stop worrying about that Stats Age 6 Weight 57t Hunger 3/4 Happy 3/4 Training Zero
  13. Summer survived a second day at work. She has destroyed several citites now, I am so proud of her Current stats Age 3 Weight 10tons Hunger 4/4 Happy 4/4 Training 0