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  1. They translated “bugs” as “microbes” and “bichos”...
  2. I meant, how would you know they’re lesbians? The label of “lesbian” is so vaguely defined that, as you said, people already call them that.
  3. How stupid this comment is has already been addressed, but: Fun fact: Back in the day, blue was the female colour (because it was associated with the holy Mary) and pink was the male colour (because pink is related to red, which is the colour of blood). Then someone confused them with each other at the right moment in history, and here we are today. I hate it that teens on the m!x and Meets/On feature pink skin if female and blue skin if male, for that reason.
  4. What would them being lesbians actually entail in practice?
  5. It’s already out in Japan and the US, but we have a European release date, 24 April! Amazon UK is accepting preorders There’s an ad for a bootleg right under it... Bandai shouldn’t partner with Amazon so much.
  6. Here is the official list. Unfortunately it only shows the adults.
  7. Well, Easter is in a few months, so a Pastel announcement would make sense.
  8. Of course, that's also what I meant. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was the first non-bootleg game I had of either series, but I don't like it in retrospect, for that reason. But this seems like a more humouristic crossover. Literally.
  9. It doesn't really pretend to make sense, especially with that stupid 256 glitch. Yet I think this crossover still makes more sense than the Sanrio crossovers. How are Tamagotchi characters able to produce eggs together with Sanrio characters? Though maybe Pac-Man will be next month's special guest in the On/Meets Park and let him do that too. 😜 And this bootleg of Miffy (named "Cathy") might have been included if Sanrio didn't get sued to stop using it before. Not really what Bandai should try to associate themselves with. I think the sheer popularity of Sanrio in Japan is the only reason these crossovers were considered.
  10. Trailer released! And it actually shows the game, unlike most Tamagotchi ads.
  11. Sweets Meets on the left, European version of the Friends on the right Yes, the Meets is actually thinner...
  12. I was still at generation 1 until a few weeks ago because I was too scared of anything happening to me, but I decided to use it anyway. At first it seemed okay, but then, at generation 3, it happened to me, I think. So, this doesn't even seem to be the case. I received a proposal, accepted it, and then when I visited the park with the baby afterwards, the father was still there, unmarried! At first I thought, maybe it's a bug that he still appears there, but no, he then gave my baby a Like, meaning he was actually online with that character. That shouldn't normally be possible, right? I really hope it's just that this guy's device crashed at the most unfortunate moment, because otherwise it means that some people are spending all their time baiting people into accepting fake proposals... I guess it technically doesn't matter (doesn't seem like MyMeets was used), but still, I'm currently leaving my Meets in a drawer while I think about what to do. 😢 When I searched for my own thread to make this comment, I discovered that Reddit actually responded to this thread. My favorite comment is the one that called me a "gene hoarder" despite me still being at generation 1 at the time... I had my username changed as a precaution.
  13. You can also just use QooApp, though this gives you the Japanese version. On my iPad I downloaded both versions with an American and Japanese Apple ID, no VPN required. Just enter Bandai's headquarters or whatever as your home address.
  14. The 15th anniversary (Tamagotchi iD L) and 20th anniversary (Tamagotchi m!x) editions are completely different, and in either case, I can't imagine he's offering you a new one for $10. He's probably offering you a fake.