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  1. "Sanrio" is not a well known name outside of Japan, so they'd have to call it "Tamagotchi On: Hello Kitty & Friends" and then people would complain it doesn't feature Hello Kitty enough. So they made another Nano instead. With Bandai America liking the Nano so much right now, I wonder if they'll finally localise the original Nano at some point.
  2. In Japan they are instead releasing the Tamagotchi Meets Sanrio DX Set, which is the same as the regular Meets Sanrio but in red colour and with an included lanyard.
  3. You could try finding the JavaME game (my profile picture is the title screen) and running that in J2ME Loader. The Angelgotchi version (I think that's what @Knighttchi's Ballad was referring to) was free to download from Bandai's site back in the day.
  4. Weight forces you to serve reasonable meals at reasonable times, instead of just feeding your Tamagotchi constantly whenever the stomach has room again. I did that with my Familitchi (v5), and then they turned into Metaboritchi's. Secondly, if you neglect to feed your Tamagotchi, without the weight mechanic, they starve to death in a set timespan from the moment the hunger meter runs out, regardless of how much or little you fed them before. (Or was that never different?) In Friends (v8), weight does literally nothing, whether your Tamagotchi is 5 LB or 99 LB. But that's more a symptom of that game's general unfinishedness.
  5. Meanwhile in On/Meets they removed weight altogether 😒
  6. Yeah, candies are apparently poisonous in the Classic rereleases 😕
  7. Oh, you’re right! I thought that they were all Gen 1! Here’s a Gen 2ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Tamagotchi&qid=1599643834&sr=8-9 But I’m not sure if that can be ordered from the country @LucidLyes lives in.
  8. Bandai seems focused on their Generation 1 rereleases unfortunately. They did rerelease Generation 2 during the 20th anniversary, so maybe they’ll print it again some time. The current Tamagotchi’s are 128p. That’s pretty far removed from HD (720p) 😜 The piracy industry prefers bootlegs over emulation when it comes to Tamagotchi. There’s only a Tamagotchi Generation 1 emulator, and it’s extremely barebones. Emulation is something they mainly use against Nintendo; there’s a Wii U emulator and a Switch emulator, but not a functional PlayStation Vita emulator, despite the fact that that would probably be easier to make and less intensive to run than those. So don’t expect them to make emulators for all the various Tamagotchi hardware variations over the years.
  9. A Nintendo franchise. If you have a Switch or 3DS you can buy it from the eShop for cheap. Since Nintendo popularized these puzzles, the name is often used for similar/identical puzzles like this device, but the actual generic term is nonogram puzzle. You can buy books with paper versions of these as well.
  10. Well, if they wanted to make a Yoshi Nano, yesterday would have been the time to announce it 🙃
  11. Playing with them is always good, but if they already have a nice room and accessory it’s a bit dumb to change it all the time just for this 😕
  12. That does make them stop saying it but I don’t think that has anything to do with the request. That’s what I tried.