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  1. Why didn't he help implement this in the actual Dream Town reimplementation, rather than as a cheating site?
  2. To celebrate 20 years of Tamagotchi bootlegs, we are making a very special bootleg. While supplies last; don't miss this chance!
  3. @KidRetro64 already mentioned this on their profile, but this is what Bandai Namco US posted on Twitter before the weekend. It’s to celebrate Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary. Hope it comes to Europe as well. Would be a bit disappointing if it was just yet another Tamagotchi Nano version (with Pac-Man instead of Gudetama or Eevee), but either way, I am very excited for its unveiling! Come to think of it, the Tamagotchi Mame Game hardware was used for Pac-Man once.
  4. (Google Translate: As far as Google Translate gets me: In order to celebrate the 23th anniversary of Tamagotchi and the release of the Tamagotchi Sweets Meets, they'll put up episodes of the TV show on YouTube every day during november. At the end of 2019 they will take them back down. No English subtitles though (other than YouTube's auto-generated ones).
  5. If you're on Android, the APKMirror version still works. If you're on iOS, try redownloading it from the Purchases screen of the App Store, though I'm not sure if that works.
  6. I saw that video. Best part is interviewer thinking Marutchi is an adult.
  7. I'm aware that that topic spans more bootlegs than just the Tamagotchi ones; the "9999-in-1 Brick Game" ROM is very old and even more infamous. How old is the "Bunny" ROM, anyway? It's completely different from the (also endlessly reused) ROM my fake/generic had. It's not "some" countries though. As far as I'm aware, these fakes are basically everywhere except maybe Japan, and that's probably more to avoid incurring Bandai Namco's wrath than the Japanese government's. Same retailer as the other screenshot. It's, the largest online store in the Netherlands. The company behind it owns the largest supermarket chain too. You don't get to be any more established than that. To be fair, both of these are from third-party sellers. But I placed a warning review for the top "Tamagotchi" search result and it just vanished into the moderation queue... (Though I did see a negative review for one of the fakes, so maybe it's just because I didn't buy it) And yes, that is 20 euro's. Same price I paid for my legitimate Tamagotchi Friends. That's probably why for a while Bandai Namco referred to every Tamagotchi product as Tamagotchi Connection despite having little to do with the Connection series, such as "Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop". Didn't stop the fakes from calling themselves Tamagotchi Connection too, which is probably why they renamed the Tamagotchi Connection v7 to the rather questionable name "TamaTown Tama-Go" in the last minute before release. Getting off-topic, but (aside from the time Microsoft paid two TV shows to make a character say they "binged" something) people refer to Bing as Google mostly because they didn't consciously chose to use Bing; it's hard to find anyone who uses Bing for any reason other than it being the default in Microsoft Edge. I don't think you'll hear a Yandex or DuckDuckGo user say "googling".
  8. Oh, "generic" just refers to being brandless. I get it now. I thought it referred to generic animals. Sorry, I tried wording that better but fumbled. I was referring to the cooperation between these companies and these governments. You can't transport obviously infringing fakes like this over the border without cooperation from customs. I didn't mean to say that there's a Department of Bootleggery. That was my guess as to why customs always allow it; they can't sympathize with Tamagotchi consoles, unlike with, say, handbags. I won't blame you for considering that out of touch with reality on my part. If you have a better idea how we got into this situation, I'd like to hear.
  9. In the past I've gotten confused because I didn't understand the distinction between "fakes" and "generics" that people make here. I think I understand it now: if a console's packaging explicitly claims to be Tamagotchi, it is a "fake", if it does not, it is a "generic virtual pet". This is naive and out of touch with reality. The companies and governments responsible for distributing fake Tamagotchi consoles successfully propagandised that "Tamagotchi" isn't a name, but a generic term. Today still, most people are surprised if they discover (or even refuse to believe) that Tamagotchi is an actual franchise made by Bandai Namco, and not a generic term for crappy LCD toys that beep and depict gravestones. If you ask for Tamagotchi in a store, large chance they'll hand you a fake ("generic") console, assuring you that it's what you're looking for despite it not saying "Tamagotchi" on the packaging (this happened to me as a kid, thank goodness I discovered the real thing later). Proving that a physical store does it would have required going undercover, but online stores have to do it in the open. Example from the largest Dutch retailer: Is this a "non-deceptive generic virtual pet" just because of the packaging? (Also, these things often have copies of Tamagotchi characters in them alongside all the generic animals. That alone makes them clearly qualify as fakes, even if these characters are not shown in advertising. Who even wrote these ROM's that you see reused all over the place?) This is what killed the Tamagotchi franchise in the west (granted, Bandai Namco not handling the situation as incompetently as possible would have likely averted it). Governments have a hand in this; distributing fake Gucci bags will get you fines and jail time, while no-one ever got arrested for distributing fake Tamagotchi consoles. They likely saw them as a threat to the school system, and basically made them exempt from intellectual property law. The term "generic virtual pet" should be reserved for products like VTech's KidiPet and Tiger Electronics' GigaPet.
  10. Go to BeeIMG or Postimage, upload your image, then right click on the image and choose "Copy image URL" or "Copy image location" or whatever it says. Then go back to here, choose "Insert other media", choose "Insert image from URL", and paste the URL.
  11. I just realized that this probably should have been posted in Tamagotchi Ancestors. Sorry.
  12. Photo from eBay listing. How similar are they?
  13. Considering they're selling it as if it were a Tamagotchi, I doubt they know or even care if it works.
  14. Imgur was designed for Reddit. Postimage was designed for forums like this one. And Imgur has gotten a really big focus on browsing through other people's questionable images. Postimage still has a clean interface focused on uploading your own image. BeeIMG is another alternative.