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  1. The Gudetama ✖️ Tamagotchi Nano also has attacks. Ah, I was wondering what they meant by bugs. They're really trying to make the 256 glitch a part of the universe now. Anyone know if they were already doing that before the Pac-Man 256 iOS/Android game? What if the "bugs" themselves will have a bug
  2. You can try using QooApp to install it. This gives you the Japanese version by the way.
  3. Ah, ok. I have the Sweets Meets so they probably/hopefully fixed most of them by now. EDIT: I now remember that the On still has some really nasty glitches such as sometimes resetting if it goes into standby while on the baby naming screen.
  4. (Interesting URL goof...) I know I said I hoped it wouldn't be yet another Tamagotchi Nano, but I actually like the execution! Shame it comes out too late for my brother's birthday. What about the Meets disappointed you? I've taken care of mine for a week now. I like that it actually takes effort to keep them happy compared to the European games. And the graphics are gorgeous (makes me wonder what a new WonderSwan would be like)
  5. Bandai Namco is a terrible publisher, that's right. But they are a good developer. Tamagotchi Meets/On is great, aside from the app. If Bandai made a deal with Hasbro to have them distribute their stuff in the West, that would be good news, but an acquisition would be terrible. They'd just hire a random company like Ubisoft to do the programming from then on.
  6. I am using the American version of the app in Europe without problems.
  7. Hasbro? Why Hasbro? Especially as Giga Pets has already demonstrated the amount of creativity they would put into the franchise...
  8. I considered that, but English gives you no alternatives 😷 43
  9. I realised that a way to prevent this from being done to you, is not sending a proposal, but waiting until you receive a good proposal from someone else (because you know you actually accepted it). Still need to look out for MyMeets then.
  10. We already got Digimon Racing for the GBA in 2004 and Tamagotchi Party On for the Wii in 2007, which were shamelessly unoriginal. Pac-Man Party (2010) on the other hand, I actually preferred to Mario Party 8 at the time. Still, I don't want them to imitate Mario again if they have no original ideas to add. I know it but don't have it. I watched a video of the beta before it came out and wasn't impressed. Are you talking about Super Smash Bros? It makes sense for that game. Why would Master Hand restrict himself to Nintendo figurines? And Masahiro Sakurai made it clear that he sees it as a honor to handle all these characters.
  11. 41 Penguin Keeper is gonna cut us off after 49, isn't he
  12. Nintendo themselves hate Mario Kart Tour too. Their investors force them to make iOS/Android games, and in-app purchases are practically mandatory there. Anyway, Mario Kart isn't suited to crossovers IMO. I liked R.O.B. in Mario Kart DS and I'm neutral towards Mametchi in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, but I hate Link and Animal Crossing Villager in Mario Kart 8, they look so out of place. Mametchi in Super Smash Bros. would be more interesting.