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  1. Go to BeeIMG or Postimage, upload your image, then right click on the image and choose "Copy image URL" or "Copy image location" or whatever it says. Then go back to here, choose "Insert other media", choose "Insert image from URL", and paste the URL.
  2. I just realized that this probably should have been posted in Tamagotchi Ancestors. Sorry.
  3. Photo from eBay listing. How similar are they?
  4. Considering they're selling it as if it were a Tamagotchi, I doubt they know or even care if it works.
  5. Imgur was designed for Reddit. Postimage was designed for forums like this one. And Imgur has gotten a really big focus on browsing through other people's questionable images. Postimage still has a clean interface focused on uploading your own image. BeeIMG is another alternative.
  6. That happened to my Connection v3 after I smashed it onto the ground πŸ˜”
  7. I would recommend Postimage instead of Imgur.
  8. Okay, I am dumb. Disregard what I (and @hwd45) said. The final update came out in 2016 (the app was officially taken down on 31 March 2017) which makes it just modern enough for iOS 13 to run it. Here it is on iOS 13 (this time in Dutch) This surprises me because Pac-Man Remix, Dig Dug Remix, and Galaga Remix no longer work.
  9. I have a 30pin-to-HDMI adapter, but I don't have a HDMI capture device, so I can't make a video right now. I mentioned this at first but edited it out, sorry for that.
  10. I have this game! If you purchased it back in the day, you can still redownload it from the App Store if your version of iOS is old enough. Here it is on my iPad 3 with iOS 9. Bandai Namco's old iPhone/iPod Touch games were pretty good, especially Dig Dug Remix. Shame they had to stop selling them after Apple switched to in-app purchases. The trailer is still on YouTube
  11. No, if the battery runs out, you replace it and choose "ろーど" to continue from last autosave.
  12. Only the 2 figurines that were included with the device trigger content that's already in the device itself. The other figurines that you had to purchase separately, carry their own data. They only released 12 figurines because of the v7/Tama-Go's commercial failure, but they originally planned to release over 50 of them, and that would probably not have fitted in the ROM.
  13. Only the English version? Aww, now I wish I had saved the file of the Dutch translation. At one point in it, Mametchi literally said "Kiramotchi can be a bit of an idiot sometimes!".