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  1. Yes, but still, would be awesome if tamagotchis were genderless. Starting with the V4 to 4U, gender have a big role because it depends of it which tama you can have. But now, with the mix and meets, there's no big role for gender to be there. Like, I would like to marry with anyone of the app without looking if the other tama is male or female. And about clothes and accessories, I was talking about the IDL. There's no "gender restrictions", I mean, you can put a cute dress or ribbon to mametchi, but he'll do a little tantrum xD In that version, male tamas don't like girly clothes and accessories. But I don't remember if females tamas do care about boyish clothes.
  2. I'm also part of LGTB, but I think that same marriage tamas is not a good idea and not I'm interested. What I'm really interested is if they remove gender. Just like Gudetama in the mix/meets and the vintage tamas. Why label tamagotchis if they're aliens anyways... If they genderless, you can do whatever you want with your tama, dress it, name it, and marry with the Tama you want, without worrying if it is a girl or a boy, or hetero, bi, trans, homo, etc
  3. I paused them, even though, I don't like to. But otherwise, I don't want them to die. So I left them at home, paused and safe, and when I'm back home, I play with them again
  4. My least favorite is the V5. The characters are cute, but: -The games are super boring, difficult and time consuming. I prefer fed them candy to make them happy. -The design of kuchipatchi is different and not-so-cute looking :c
  5. Hi again! -V1 21th Gen: Len Yep, I decided to run this version. I don’t know why, but even when it is a very simple version, it has its own charm. I just love it! Yesterday, I put the battery in and the download and reset option showed off. I selected download, and there was a cute little male babytchi named Len (after Len Kagamine, from vocaloid). He’s is my 21th generation on this tama. Wow, I don’t even feel like I ran it for so long Anyways, after one hour of the typical baby care, Len evolved into marutchi. Man, Len is such a cutie. In one of the games, when he jumps, he looks like a worm! Here's a pic of him sleeping Today, he evolved into hinotamatchi, the fire ball tamagotchi. I wanted Ichigotchi, but oh well. -IDL 15th Gen: Isabelle Yesterday, a little momoirotchi hatched. After his father was gone, I named her Isabelle and took care of her. One hour later, she evolved into rorutchi, one of my favorite toddlers on this version. I love when characters are shaped after food or snacks Today, Isabelle evolved into hineonetchi. To be honest, I don’t really like this character, but I had to have her to obtain Uwasatchi. I hope I can get her. Also, she harvested peas, which are from the Spring Beans seeds. We planted the same seeds. Then, she went to the temple and got a blue ticket. The Gotchi King gave us $500! Not bad Well, that’s all for today. See you soon! Gotchilove
  6. Hello! Woops, sorry for not posting yesterday like I said in the previous post, I was a little busy. Well, this will be a quick update about what happened yesterday. March 22, 2018 -V5 5th Gen: Gotch Family Well, technically, I was about to start the fifth generation. Mumutchi married a chantotchi. Then they evolved into Memepapatchi and Mamemamatchi. They had three eggs. As soon as they hatched, I deactivated it. I decided to run another tama, but I’ll talk about that in the next entry -Friends 5th Gen: Cleetus He evolved into charatchi! Just what I expected, yay~ -IDL 14th Gen: Gosnold He went to the date place, where he met a cute nachuratchi. They went on a few dates and later, Gosnold proposed to her! They had an egg. After the egg hatched, and Gosnold played with his baby, he left, and now I'm caring of his child. I'll write about that in the next post Gotchilove
  7. Hello! -Friends 5th Gen: Cleetus Today Cleetus evolved into bokuhoshitchi! My favorite teen, I’m so glad The bad new is that I had to make 5 care mistakes, which were difficult to obtain. This is because the tamagotchi Friends is low maintenance, they drop hearts every 2 hours or more! My poor Cleetus was hungry all day After that, I connected with Gabrielle, my nokobotchi from the blue TMGC Friends. Those two are more than best friends, but they are so young to be a couple As soon as I finished with all my neglect, I took better care of him, and then, Cleetus fell asleep -IDL 14th Gen: Gosnold Yesterday at night, Gosnold got his second stamp. Seems like he likes Fish and chips Then, today morning he went to see his tree, he got a Flower Cake! He planted another Flower Snacks seed instead. Gosnold visited the temple. This time he got a blue ticket, which means “Small Blessing”. Yay! After that, Gosnold got his last two happy stamps. He got the third one by playing with his car. And the fourth one because he stayed two days with me Finally I collected all his happy stamps! That means that tomorrow he can go to the dating place, and meet his future wife Well, that’s it for today. See you tomorrow! Gotchilove
  8. …Continued from previous post -V5 4th Gen: Gotch Family My bomb boy evolved into Mumutchi! Yes! I love his design, he’s like the male version of memetchi, and that little hat makes him look elegant. In his artwork version he looks so cool yet adorable! His bond percentage is 50% -Friends 5th Gen: Cleetus After his parents left him alone, I started to take care of poor little aokumotchi. I named him Cleetus, after a green dragon from Spyro the Dragon (haha, this game is like my resource of names). I raised him with my blue Tamagotchi friends, because I want him to become a social character. In my blue TMGC Friends I have a terupotchi named Gabrielle. She’ll be his best friend or maybe something more After an hour, Cleetus evolved into turtletchi! Yay, I love turtles~ -IDL 14th Gen: Gosnold Well, the tree we planted gave us the same Star Caramel, so this time we decided to plant a Flower Snacks seeds! After that, Gosnold visited the temple, and this time he got an orange ticket. It means “middle blessing”, and the Gotchi King gave us $1000! Yay! Also, he won his first tamatomo stamp. Seems like the Star Caramel is one of his favorite snacks. Well, that’s it, See you tomorrow! Gotchilove
  9. Hi! -Friends 4th Gen: Sabrina Sabrina went to the date place, and she met a mametchi! They fell in love and then, they married! After that, Sabrina returned home with her husband, and they had an egg. From the egg, a little baby boy hatched, and they stayed together for an hour. To be continued…
  10. Hello, Gotchilove here Today was rather a quite day. Not much happened, except that Gosnold evolved -IDL 14th Gen: Gosnold In the morning, Gosnold went outside to see his tree. Seems like it gave us a Star Caramel. Delicious! We planted another White Day Seed, let’s see what it will give us tomorrow morning. Also, he paid a visit to the temple. We got a green paper strip and the Gotchi King gave us $200! Same luck as yesterday One hour later, Gosnold evolved into shutotchi! Yes! He looks so cool! Is like a soccer tama XD And of course, he tried on some clothes. He looks so elegant now Today Gosnold hasn’t earned any tamatomo stamp, I don’t have idea what he likes. Maybe tomorrow we can find it out See you soon! Gotchilove
  11. Hello~, Gotchilove here -V5 4th Gen: Gotch Family Today Ahirukutchi evolved into Bakutchi! He’s a bomb! His bond percentage is 40% for now -IDL 14th Gen: Gosnold In the morning, little Gosnold went outside to check on the little tree that was planted one generation ago. It gave us a… uh… radish? It looks like chili XD Anyways, we planted a White Day Seeds. I hope it grows into white chocolate *¬* Then we visited the Gotchi King. I don’t know if this place is some kind of shrine or his palace, but anyways, when you visit him he gives you money, however I guess it really depends on luck. For example, because today we got a green strip of paper he gave us $200 (I couldn't take a photo of our reward, my camera was acting funny... ) There are different colors, and each color gave you a specific amount of money. One day the Gotchi King gave $1000! Later, Gosnold evolved into bokuhoshitchi, my favorite teen in this version! He’s so adorable. I love stars! Also, I gave him 4 care mistakes, so he can become shutotchi (?). Poor little thing , but as soon I finished with the four one, I resumed with a really good care. I don’t like this kind of growth system, which you must ignore him when he calls you for food or sadness to the point of almost let him die just because you want a bad-care character. I like the connection and plus growth system better, it was really based on “care” or “skill points” (in the case of v4, v4.5 and their Japanese equivalents), not “how many times you ignore the suffering tama”. On the good side, you avoid repetitive characters, and once Gosnold reach to adulthood, I’ll give him lots of love Well, that’s it for now. See you soon! Gotchilove
  12. …Continued from previous post -V5 4th Gen: Gotch Family Well, Ahirukutchi still the same. In the morning, I caught him doing a peculiar animation. He and his dad (my second favorite parent character ) were taking photos of a flower. What an artistic family -Friends 4th Gen: Sabrina Yes! Sabrina evolved into pianitchi, a gourmet character! She is so cute. Also, I noticed that there’s a “P” letter on her bed. Haha, that’s so unique of her -IDL 14th Gen: Gosnold Yep, I really wanted to play with my yellow IDL. It is my main one of the two I have (I bought a white one just for obtain the “secret characters”). My plan is to run it until I reach the 20th generation. Anyways, I put batteries in it, and then I selected download. Seems like I had a baby boy nittobotchi who I named Gosnold, after one of the balloonists from Spyro the Dragon. Man! I was so confused at first. So many menus and options, I had to press every option to see what they were, so I can memorize everything again @_@ So far, I have an idea of most of them, but I’ve to wait until Gosnold is a teen or an adult because there are some options that will only unlock until the tama is older. And I almost forgot how fun the IDL is. The games are entertaining, especially the downloaded ones. Memory games are my favorite! Well, one hour later Gosnold evolved into kaubotchi. Not my favorite toddler, good thing this phase lasts one day. I changed the wallpaper for a spring-like one Well, seems like that’s all for today. Goodnight! Gotchilove
  13. Hi everyone! -Mix 20th Anniversary 5th Gen: Sakura Today Sakura went to play with some friends in Flower Hills and then, Yotsubatchi, her lover, proposed to her! “Let’s find happiness together, batchi!” “I’m truly happy! Thank you so much~” So, Sakura and Yotsubatchi get married and after that, they had an egg After the egg hatched, I named the baby and decided to give a rest to my tamagotchi mix for the moment. I decided to run another tama, but I'll talk about that in the continuation of this post To continue…
  14. I name my tamas after videogames characters, anime, vocaloid, and sometimes I pick a name from those japanese name lists from internet xD (well, for my akais) Right now my tamas are named Sabrina (from pokemon, Saffron City's gym leader) and Sakura (a baby dragon from Spyro 3) ^-^
  15. (Raise hand) I'm a KH fan, too . Pirorirotchi looks like Mr Oogie Boogie to me XD Also, I like your log I love how you put their own personalities to your tamas