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    Tamagotchi's, studio ghibli, nintendo, video games, youtubers, anime and alot more! :3
  1. How do I protect my tama from scratches :c I already have a small one on the screen and it makes me really sad!

    1. Kayleykitty


      Screen protectorrr

    2. Oreothing


      Yeah, I just put screen protectors on mine ^0^ and you can make cases too.

    3. ttinyterror


      mine too! so many fingerprints on my screen. D: i'm constantly wiping it off.

  2. finally got my tamagotchi p's in the mail!!!!! now I just need to figure out how to unlock everything and stuff

  3. My tamagotchi p's still hasn't come mehhh I can't wait anymoreee

    1. Rukitchi


      Try to distract yourself with something like tv shows bc its worth the wait

    2. L raKC d

      L raKC d

      I hope it comes soon :)

  4. ordered a totoro phone case ^_^ so excited!

  5. What pierce is better: baby or aitsuki

  6. I regret not buying the tamagotchi dream coffret set and getting the green one ;-:

  7. my tamagotchi p's got shipped out today and I'm so excited :D I hope it doesn't arrive as late as they say on amazon

    1. Rukitchi


      Good luck with waiting~ I know that feeling, I've been through this. Mine arrived after 9 days after being shipped out.

  8. my p's won't be shipped out until the 28th of april and I'm so inpatient xD

    1. Kayleykitty


      Where did you order it from?

  9. I'm so excited for my p's to arrive

    1. Rukitchi


      Mine arrived yesterday, wish you lots of fun with it when it arrives!

  10. I made some clear cases (like actual cases like phone cases and stuff) for my tamagotchi p's and they turned out pretty good!

  11. I still have 11.50 on my amazon what could I get xD

    1. MametchiWarrior


      A tamagotchi pouch!

    2. LittleTotoro


      I already have a lot of those that I made by hand c:

    3. MametchiWarrior
  12. I've officially done it :D I ordered the tamagotchi p's green! unfortuanately it won't come until like the end of may D:

    1. SailorRosette


      Most sellers add the extra time to cover their butts. Just expect it more like 2-3 weeks at most.

    2. LittleTotoro


      Even if I do live across the world? because it comes from japan and I live in the netherlands

  13. ok ok ok I've been procrasinating alot with buying my p's TODAY IS GOING TO BE THE DAY what color do I get : green or purple? (I want the color which I'll be able to sell for the highest price if I ever decide to sell it)

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Maybe green, because I've mostly only seen females want the purple one.

  14. What tamagotchi p's color is like the most "wanted" one? Aside from the special editions

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    2. MametchiWarrior


      Your mean bunbun....


    3. cherryxz


      I always see pink P's.... maybe pink?

    4. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Green? Though, I like yellow