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  1. Yes this kinda looks like it, thank you! I'll look more into what the run away animation looks like.
  2. Hello! So when I was younger between the years of 1997-2000 I had a virtual pet dog toy. I can't remember what the shell looked like or what it was called but I remembe some of the monochrome animations. It had a dog house in background for some of the time it walked a little back and forth. You feed it bones and cleaned the poop up through shower like normal virtual pets and I believe you couid play socceer with the puppy. Sometimes the puppy would give you gifts I believe...and instead of dying, there was just an animation of a dog house that was empty and it might have said that the dog ran away. I know this isn't a lot of information because there are tons of dog virtual pets but maybe someone can give me a list of the ones that came out inthis time zone that fit this description so i can try and see which one it was Thank you so much to anyone that helps! Much appreciated and again sorry not a lot of information!