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  1. Since my first Tamagotchi character died earlier today, I launched a new egg which hatched into a second generation baby. Truth be told, this baby was an accident. I meant to turn the sound back on (which I had turned off right before he died), and I suppose that pressing the A & C buttons after a Tamagotchi has passed away, basically launches a new egg. I wasn’t really planning on starting a new one right away, but okay … Born on May 10th 2015 – 3PM I have to say, so far, this one is much more demanding than the previous one! The hunger and happiness hearts seem to go down much faster. I keep having to feed him, and I try to play as much as possible with him in order to keep his weight down. The previous one died of obesity, I think, so we definitely don’t want that to happen again. Within the first 20 minutes, he had already pooped once 💩, and gotten a death skull 💀 which took two shots to heal. 💉💉 Wow. About an hour later (4PM), he turned 1 year old, pooped once again 💩, still weighed 5oz and had his hunger level down to zero. That thing eats like a Glutton, I’m telling you! Then a few minutes later, a second skull appeared 💀, which again took two shots to heal. 💉💉 This is not going well, is it? I’m thinking perhaps he’s underweight now, because his weight hasn’t increased at all since he was born. Man, this is tricky. So, I was busy feeding him like crazy, because his hunger hearts kept running empty, when a third skull showed up 💀. It started flashing, and I knew he was about to die. What the Hell? That’s when he turned into an angel … again. RIP Babytchi May 10th 2015 – 4PM 👼 That sure didn’t last long! One hour to be precise. I’m thinking that launching a second generation right after a crappy Nyorotchi is what caused it to be so unhealthy. I suppose the wisest thing to do now would be to press the reset button on the back and start from scratch. But I will look around online and see if I can find some more detailed manual than the original one that came in the packaging. There are obviously many tricks to raise a cute Tamagotchi, which are not explained on paper.
  2. RIP Little Tama 👼 May 4th 2015, 7:51PM – May 10th 2015, 2PM Well, I saw it coming, didn’t I! I did think he was gonna make it for at least another few days. But nope, he died today, exactly one week after hatching. -The End- Oh well, at least he looks like a cute little angel now! It’s a nice change from that ugly Nyorotchi I had yesterday. Jesus, that thing was ugly! I had read that Nyorotchi’s life expectancy sucks. I can now confirm this. Things escalated quickly this morning. I woke up super late (11PM) and there was already one poop 💩 that needed to be cleaned up, and his hunger and happiness levels were down to just one heart. 💟 By the time I was done feeding him, his weight had gone up to 92oz again; which I now know is too much. So I played with him several times, but I was in a rush and I figured I’d catch up later. Then at 1:30PM: his hunger and happiness levels were back down to one heart only 💟, and his weight was still in the 90’s. I tried to catch up as well as I could. But then at 2PM a death skull made its appearance again. 💀 I tried to access the injection 💉 to heal him, but it wouldn’t let me. The death skull was flashing and none of the options could be clicked. I knew the end was near. Then an egg appeared next to him and he then turned into an angel. 👼 So, what went wrong? I have learned from this past week that I apparently overfed him and didn’t play enough with him. It seems like it’s not enough to keep all the hearts full. 💟💟💟💟 You also have to keep the weight in check, and perhaps some other details I still need to learn. I also didn’t fully understand the discipline feature during the first day; and that’s apparently the most critical day in terms of future character development. I do plan on learning from my mistakes and raising a prettier character next! Challenge accepted. 👍
  3. Thanks everyone for the helpful comments! And I thought Kuchitamatchi was ugly when I saw him fall asleep last night … Then this is what I woke up to : Well that turned ugly fast!!! Good Lord! You should have seen my disgusted face this morning. Haha! I actually remember this one from when I was a kid. I think I found it so ugly that I purposely let it die. I did a quick search, and this character is called Nyorotchi, and he’s ugly as sin. A face only a mother could love, they say. But I’m his mother, and I don’t love him! Whoever said this thing is for kids as young as age 8? I’m 32 and I still can’t manage to keep that thing healthy and pretty looking. #Fail I realize now though that a lot of essential information isn’t actually mentioned in the user manual. At least we have the internet nowadays to find info and tips. Back in 1997, you just had to cross your fingers and hope for the best! It looks like it won’t be living very long, which sucks. I was looking forward to keeping this thing alive for weeks. But it’s not looking good. Here are today’s stats:
  4. Thank you Emily for this very useful info! I had no idea. ------ Day 5 of my Tamagotchi’s life; which means it’s now 5 years old. It remained in the same Kuchitamatchi stage that it changed into yesterday. The weather was lovely here, so I let him enjoy the sunshine a bit. 🌞👓 Since my Tamagotchi was at its heaviest yesterday 😱 I made it my mission to make him lose weight today. It wasn’t easy while trying to keep the hunger level at its max. I did use the “play” option more often than the previous days, and surprisingly, that did make him lose about 6 oz. Is that a good weight? Someone tell me. I have no idea. ❓I don't want to starve the poor thing lol But then I assume I can keep an eye on the hunger level and consider that the main reference point? The game is pretty silly, by the way. I think more recent Tamagotchi versions have more games. My V1 only has one, and it basically consists of my Tamagotchi looking left & right … nonstop … until I pick either left or right with the A or B button. If I guessed correctly which direction he ends up looking at, it earns a point. Each round consists of 5 points, and obviously you have to have a majority (= 3) correct guesses to win. Does a fail have a negative influence on the overall happiness level? It doesn’t look like it to me. But correct me if I’m wrong. I have the impression that the happiness level goes up in both cases; whether you win or not. So … it does feel kind of pointless. 😒 The death skull made its appearance again. 💀 And again, it took two shots to heal. 💉💉 Doesn’t seem like a positive sign to me! More weight to lose perhaps? edit: sorry, I had totally forgotten to add my pictures! Duh.
  5. Thanks Emily! I googled it and found a ton of information. Apparently this is the result of a neglected baby lol I'm shocked! I don't know why, but in my memories, Tamagotchi used to poop a ton. I remember finding him on a regular basis with 3 poops stacked on top of each other. 😝 Now, I've paid attention to it today, and he actually only pooped 3 times. I suppose this means I used to ignore him all day long when I was a kid. Hah! Here's a wonderful poop shot taken in the yard this afternoon 😂 I have the impression that his health isn't all that great, even though the stats are fine. The hunger and happiness hearts are full ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ almost at all times. But his weight hasn't evolved AT ALL today. It's still 99oz like it was this morning when he woke up 😕 And he suddenly got a death skull 💀 about an hour ago, which required TWO shots to heal! 💉💉 Is that normal? I have no idea. Overall, he's been very quiet today. Only beeped once, and since I'm on top of my game, I basically had to scold him for it, which increased the discipline tab. So that's good. I think he's about to go sleep in 25 minutes. I suppose his daily schedule is being awake from 9AM to 9PM. More news tomorrow!
  6. Thank you Pariah164 for your nice comment! You will notice that the watermark on my pictures have changed, because I just started a Tumblr page to use as a detailed log / diary. My insanity knows no bounds. Here's the link to it for anyone who's interested to join me there: Today is Day 4 in the life of my Tamagotchi, which makes it 4 years old. I was quite disappointed this morning when he woke up and still looked the same. Still bouncing up and down and alternating between a regular face and a wider face. 😐 I can now say for sure that he wakes up every day at precisely 9:00AM. 🕘 He didn’t even beep, which is a first. There was no poop to clean up and all his levels were good, so I suppose that’s why he woke up in silence. I always assumed they beep as soon as they wake up. But nope, that was just the sound of my own neglect. Then at 10AM, exactly one hour after waking up: my baby tamagotchi 🐣 went through a physical transformation and turned into a teenager 🐥 (at least I think that’s the stage it’s in?). It now looks like an ugly little duckling, pacing back and forth from left to right, making weird faces. I was hoping for something cuter since I took extra good care of it. Is that my reward? Seriously? His age and weight still showed the same. But for some reason his discipline level went down a notch right after the change, even though I hadn’t missed an unnecessary call … Weird. And then an hour later, his weight went down from 99oz to 98 oz, even though his hunger level was perfect. I don’t get it, but ok? I wonder if he will get a full frontal face again in the future. Because right now he’s walking like an Egyptian, switching between his right and left profile. Limbs would be nice. I have no idea what the current phase / character is called. So any feedback will be appreciated! 🌹
  7. Hi everyone! I'm new here and I feel this log deserves a short intro: A few days ago, I started sorting through the dozens of big cardboard boxes that contain all my childhood toys. Between the Barbies and Polly Pockets, I found my good old Tamagotchi ... in absolute pristine condition. I believe it's a V1, since it was bought at the very beginning of the Tamagotchi craze. To my biggest surprise, I still have the original packaging and instruction booklet! If you knew me, you would know that this is a miracle. I initially packed it in a new plastic box that was meant to go up in the attic. But then had second thoughts and took it back out. I decided to open the back, pop new batteries in, and check if it still works. And it does!!! I was like what the hell? That thing is almost 20 years old! Leave it to the Japanese to make quality electronics, right? I'm 32 and I realize how absolutely ridiculous this is about to become. But here we go ... Starting with some pictures of the packaging: ^^ It even still has the price tag on it (299 belgian franks ... before the euro); that would equal about 7.50 euros today (= $8.50) The back: The instructions: My Tamagotchi is bright pink and green. He was activated at 7:44PM, on May 4th 2015, and hatched a few minutes later: Today is May 6th 2015, 2 days post-birth. And here's what my little 90's friend looked like this morning. He was bouncing back and forth between this: And this: And he's basically been doing this all day long. These were his stats when he woke up: And his stats when he went to sleep over an hour ago: Is it a boy or a girl? I have no idea. Feel free to let me know if you do! I have made it my mission to keep it healthy, happy, and alive until the very end. I remember when I was a kid, it always died a few days past the baby stage, and I never actually saw the adult stage with my own eyes. So I would like to witness it once in my life!