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  1. i am really sorry about not replying for a while the death of bento really had me shocked! its like i jinxed it by gloating about my progress well anyways, ill have you guys know that i finally successfully patched my p's to english! it took me so long to figure it out it turns out i just had my finger over the IR bar on my phone the whole time SO!!!!!!! now i have EMA on my pink v3 running alongside LOU on my blue p's ema evolved into hikotchi which is really cute i havent had this character before!! and lou is currently aokumotchi but he should be evolving.... any.... second......... now............. ................................................................ yay! he evolved into mitsumarutchi and now hes sleeping. they both are!
  2. wow... i have..... the worst news..... bento died all 10 generations.. gone i cant believe i let this happen! i thought he would have fallen asleep by the time i got to work im so incredibly sad
  3. im heading to work in a minute, i thought it might be fun for me to list all my previous generations on my sunflower v4 Difum the Memetchi Pepna the Mimitchi ??? the Androtchi Ride the Togetchi Klein the Ponytchi Sneat the Violetchi Pamyu the Masktchi Dust the Pukatchi Aluf the Yattatchi Bento the Mametchi female characters: 7/13 male characters: 3/14
  4. OMG has it really been two days since i posted im so sorry well, yesterday i put my tamas to sleep cause i was visiting my brothers out of town and then i was shopping all day and i paused them when i got home because i went to a party but now everyones unpaused and doing fine bento is 6 years old today so...let me see if i can get the matchmaker to visit him wow! yay!!! he married a ponytchi and had a baby boy!!!! im going to name him...... hmmmmm....... i dont know yet. ill let you know if i think of anything mazzy is 13, doing great im having a hard time keeping him trim, as well as bento lol once theyre adults i kinda stop playing games i started a new v3 to grow up and mate with mazzy! i actually downloaded a 2g girl named ema who is currently a kuchitamatchi shes running on my hot pink translucent v3 and... soy is still coffretchi..... she is 5 years old but i dont know when she will marry? maybe tomorrow when she turns 6. anyways see you later!
  5. whoops!!!! i said brb and didnt come back lol well anyways, yesterday i stayed the night at a friends house my tamas were basically completely neglected all night but theyre fine now lol soy is still two years old, i dont know how old she has to be to go to the "dating place" or whatever hopefully its soon mazzy and bento are doing just fine, nothing new to report bento has pretty high skill points but had a hard time finding a job for some reason? he ended up getting hired at a hospital, which i didnt want because thats already a game that i have on my v3 oh well i dont know how long ill keep mazzy alive, maybe ill start a female v3 and have them marry like i said before ..... i might actually start that right now lol i ordered a tamagotchi friends dream town yesterday! the blue one with flowers, but i will probably change the cover thing i also got a nokia 3110 so i can patch my ps to english cause i havent played with it at all yet and i want to!!!! well i suppose thats all i really have to say ill let ya know about the other v3
  6. goodmorning!! i just got up to make some tea nad came back to find.... mazzy is ojitchi! yay i did it!!!! and thats all really lol. its going to be a pretty boring few days until i can marry off soy and bento not to each other of course but you know what i mean maybe ill have to start another v4 and pause bento so i dont have to wait so long lets see... the matchmaker will take 3 days and raising another adult will take 4 days i might as well try......... brb
  7. wow O__O soy just evolved! she evolved into coffretchi! very cute! this character is apparently in the "none" section as far as.... families go? i dont know what to call the categories for active/gourmet/whatever but at least she is perfect care! im going to have to look up some information about the friends because i really have no idea lol also she is still 1 year old!! how is she an adult..... well anyways, its midnight and i should be sleeping soon so i will post again tomorrow
  8. time for some pictures! (click here for more bento pictures) bento character: mametchi (yay!!!!) training: 8/9 intellectual sp: 54 artistic sp: 27 social sp: 20 age: 2 weight: 34 gender: boy generation: 10 point: 9445 soy character: neotchi age: 1 weight: 11 lbs generation: 1 bff points: empty ;( not much info for her lol! mazzy character: nyatchi (but normally pyonkotchi!) training: 9/9 age: 10 weight: 36 lbs gender: boy generation: 1 points: 2725
  9. good morning tamatalk! guess what, i just went on another run and it was awful but i gotta do it you know? at least its a nice day outside... anyways, since im up early im going to change the times on my tamas so they are awake too i guess i could have done that before i started making this post lol okay now everyone is awake soy evolved yesterday! into neotchi which is, according to the growth chart im looking at, excellent care! good for me!! i dont fully understand the social/active/gourmet thing but i guess i will figure it out eventually? anyways, im not minding the friends so far... its definitely a change from the connections, and its kind of a change from the idl too but its not as boring as i found the tama go? or maybe im just trying really hard to see it in a good light lol i was hoping that bento would evolve when i changed the time but... i guess not hopefully soon! i really cant wait to have mametchi and tensaitchi is basically out of the question, i dont have the attention span to get 450 skill points lol mazzy is 10 years old today, so that means by friday he should be an oldie! finally!!!! and thats all i have to say for now. see u guys later
  10. hello! so, i was happy to realize that you can change the contrast on the friends that was such an improvement from the default lol im having a hard time with the games due to the button insensitivity but soy is doing alright i think! its a little confusing having her hungry hearts go down when i play a game but oh well... im thinking about getting a dream town as well mostly because ive heard its a lot better and also becuase id like to have someone to connect with apparently thats the other way you can unlock games aside from buying jewlery which is a little silly to me? is there another point to buying jewlery or is it just do have it??? seems strange! anyway, i dont actually have anything else to report... mazzy is super easy care right now seeing as hes a good care character AND hes an adult he drops one heart every hour or so, maybe even every two hours i saw the matchmaker today, she brought hidatchi and i politely turned her down bentos skill points are currently at 41, 22, and 18 i just have to get the social one up a little bit and he should be set to become a mametchi tomrrow im the teensiest bit bored just running two connections, but i know i should keep it this way seeing as school is back in and i dont want to fall behind! ill report if something interesting happens
  11. ooooooh boy so i put mazzy and bento to sleep while i was at work but im gonna wake them up soon so i can play with them lol tomorrow i might post some pictures! soy evolved into....petithanatchi i havent looked at any growth charts so i dont know if thats good or not its going to take some getting used to for sure but im going to try to make it through at least one generation with my friends i didnt buy it for nothing, you know? i may try to buy some more tamas with my next paycheck.. it should be massive so i might be able to put aside a few dollars to add things to my collection i have to stay away from versions i already have lol i have 11 v4s :') there are things on my want list that i have had opportunities to buy but chickened out so we will see what happens also! the matchmaker visited mazzy today. i saw her while i was in class and i ignored it lol just a few more days and he will be an oldie goodbye for now TT
  12. okay beeee-eeep well yes the screen is quite sunken and it is a little hard to see the pixels...... and the buttons arent very sensitive and i didnt know that i was choosing the egg so i just pressed the middle button but yes now i have a baby girl on my friends! im just going to call it friends rather than tf or the full name... im going to call her... soy because im drinking a soy chai latte right now okay im going to work out the games and the rest of the controls bye!
  13. good afternoon.... im sorry i didnt post at all last night!!! i was soooo tired but i have some big news today! first of all: bento evolved into young mametchi, so naturally im going to aim for mametchi maybe even tensaitchi if i have the energy to do it lol mazzy is doing fine, he is 8 years old today and i havent seen the matchmaker yet maybe soon... either way i still want him to be an oldie domino and her husband have left baby aduvill but... i took her battery out for the time being do you know why??? its because i ordered a tamagotchi friends off amazon and it arrived today! 4 days before i was expecting it and since i have never ever played with this version before i decided i would give it a whirl and log about it! activation will begin next post
  14. just reporting to say that i am going to have t pause my tamas today while im at work well, im only going to pause mazzy and bento actually im going to change the time so domino sleeps, that way i can take care of the baby when i get home and i wont have to wait an extra few hours also, bento was accepted into preschool just now
  15. my last 8 hr shift of the week... i think this is gonna be the biggest paycheck ive ever gotten :')